Wednesday, May 9, 2012

20 Things I Hope She Learns...

Tonight during our bed time routine I was thinking about how fast these past 19 months have flown by. Suddenly my mind stepped into a time machine. I was in the year 2030. I could see Savannah in her cap and gown graduating from high school. Like most Moms I could feel that little "worry" pit in my stomach. Where will she go to college? What will her dreams be? Will she be ready for the world? Then, as if I had awaken from a bad dream I was back in 2012, kneeling next to the bath tub. My mind started going through all these things I hoped to teach my daughter. Here they are…

raising a daughter

1. Being kind is more important than being smart, funny or rich.
2. Good grades will only get you so far. You must have ambition.
3. You're natural beauty is enough.
4. If a boy doesn't think you're natural beauty is enough, then he's not enough.
5. It's okay to splurge. Sometimes.
6. Never pop your pimples. Wash your face 2x a day. (that's a 2fer) ;-)
7. Exercise often.
8. Cook an amazing meal.
9. Stand up for yourself.
10. Drive a stick shift.
11. Monitor your finances. (I would say balance a check book but they probably won't exist.)
12. Give back.
13. Vote in every election.
14. You are worth waiting for.
15. Marriage is everything you dream about.
16. Good girlfriends are everything.
17. Act like a Lady. Always.
18. There is nothing wrong with a shoe addiction.
19. Date for fun. Marry for life.
20. Always, always always have faith. When you don't, pray.

What are some lessons you hope to teach your little one?


  1. I love all of these lessons, very important :) I'm a new follower from Reflexion's blog hop :)

  2. Hi Michelle! I've been following your blog and I enjoy it! You're not showing up in my followers list, did the form work for you? It's located in the pop out sidebar under Chic Readers...Thanks for connecting with me :-)


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