Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Bachelorette Episode 2

On last night's episode Emily went out on a solo date with Ryan. She took him to run errands and bake cookies. Then they went out to dinner where they were swarmed by some of the local residents. After dinner they dance while listening to one of Emily's favorite bands. It seemed so awkward because the crowd was watching and people had their cell phones out taking video. Weird. But Ryan and Emily seemed to have some really nice chemistry.

On the group date, she took about 12 of the bachelors to meet Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy. They were separated into groups and performed a show for charity. It was really cute. Chris and Emily seemed to be having a great connection during their one on one time. So I was really shocked when she gave the date rose to Jeff. They had a little time together after the group date but I didn't notice anything special between them.

Joe got the last solo date. He got to go on a traditional over the top date. She seemed to be really smitten by Joe before the date. They took a private jet to West Virgina, Emily's home state. Their date took place at The Greenbier. A historical hotel that's over 100 years old. While they were in West Virgina trouble was brewing at the mansion with guys. Kalon accused single dad Doug of putting being a father on hold to come do the show. Doug quickly put him in his place, I enjoyed that bit of drama.

Back at The Greenbrier Emily and Joe have left the pool and changed into formal attire. Emily is a tough interrogator and her questions seemed to be throwing Joe off. I don't really see a strong connection between them. She ended up sending him home. She actually cried about it. Weird. Her reasoning was that she didn't know where she fit into his life. How could you know that? It's the first date. The real reason she sent him home was because there was absolutely no chemistry. I'm pretty bummed that Doug didn't get a solo date this week. I would have liked to see them together more.

Has anyone else been following the show? Who do you think are the front runners so far?

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