Thursday, May 31, 2012

Make Your Own Salsa

I started making salsa about six years ago after I tasted some amazing salsa at a company potluck. I asked my co-worker for his recipe and he gladly gave it over. I haven't purchased salsa since. As you know, my family loves canning Chow Chow. I thought it would be a good idea to can some salsa. My husband always jokes that my salsa is so good I should sell it. While I do not see myself doing that any time soon I do think that a jar of salsa and a bag of tortilla chips would make a cute gift. Especially if you do pretty labels and maybe add some ribbon around the jar/lid. Salsa is pretty healthy and can be used in a variety of ways. Use it to season beef, as an appetizer/snack or as a dressing. You may need to puree it a little more if using it as a dressing. A salsa vinigerette is so good!
So to get started you have to wash your jars and lids. Then give them a hot bath in a large pot. I have read many different opinions on cooking or boiling your salsa for a few minutes before canning it. I wasn't going to cook mine but then decided to let it boil/simmer for about 5 minutes. After you have made your salsa fill the jars using a canning funnel. Get rid of any air bubbles and place the lids on the jars. Make sure you use "jar tongs" to place the jars filled with salsa back into a hot bath. The water should be super hot, and there should be at least an inch of water above the jars. Process in water for about 35 minutes. Adjust your processing time by your altitude. There should be a zone number on your lids and the bottom of your jars that will indicate what zone you're in.

Yeilds Approximately 12 jars

5 pounds roma tomatoes
3 cilantro bunches
1 bunch and a half green onion
3 limes
4 serrano peppers
salt to taste

salsa canning

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