Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Savannah's Book Club


Like many parents I read to my daughter everyday. We are BIG Dr.Seuss fans. These are her favorite books of the moment. As with all Dr.Seuss books, the illustrations are incredible. The stories have great plots and terriffic endings. Next month she will select three new books for you to enjoy!


  1. We love Seuss too! We just bought our dtr a six book Seuss set and (unfortunately) that's what she is stuck on for the moment. Every night...hop on pop, cat in the hat, green eggs and ham. you get the picture. When I"m tired and trying to read, Dr. Seuss can be a REAL tongue twister!

    I like your blog. Look forward to visiting often.

  2. Thank You!!! Those are all favorites around here too! It get's to a point where you can pretty much recite their favorite stories, haha. Have you seen the tongue twister book by Seuss?? It's a good one too. :-)


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