Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thought Bubbles...

...I am excited about our family trip to the zoo.
...I am especially excited about feeding the Giraffes.
...I would love to get my hair straightened.
...I regret eating McDonald's at lunch.
...Those nuggets were so good though.
...I hope my plants don't die.
...I will be so happy when Savannah finally has all her teeth.
...Good sleep is essential to life.
...I wonder what the Fresh Beat Band people are like in real life...
...Hopefully they're a lot different...
...I deserve a pat on the back for fitting me and Sav's stuff into one suitcase.
...On some level I make miracles happen and these people don't even know it, haha.
...I still look forward to the weekend even though I don't go into an office every day.


  1. Oh Tia, I too wonder what the Fresh Beat Band people are like. My daughter is a huge fan :). And about miracles, yes we do make them happen everyday, but they often go unrecognized.

    I also managed to do that: stuff all of my daughter's and my stuff into one suitcase :).

  2. Oh my, it's like you read my mind. My little guy dances to Fresh Beat Band and loves it. I often wonder why I eat junk and then feel about it and at the same time admit that I loved every bite of it.
    Great post :-)

  3. Yes, my daughter loves The Fresh Beat Band but I have to say they kind of bother me, LOL!


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