Saturday, June 30, 2012

Stylish Saturday: TOMS Wedge Sandal

These TOMS have become one of my favorite pair of shoes. I initially wanted a pair of flat black sandals to wear to run errands and do play dates. I have wedges but my wedges are really high so I needed something flat. The shoe salesman offered me several different black sandals. At first glance I didn't think I would like the TOMS. After trying them on I fell in love with how comfortable they were. They even looked cute with the jeans I had on that day so I decided they were win. An added bonus to my purchase was knowing that for every pair of TOMS purchased a child in need gets a brand new pair of shoes. How chic is that? If you're interested in doing a little shopping while donating to a child in need click here.

TOMS sandals

TOMS Sandals

TOMS Sandals

TOMS Sandals

Friday, June 29, 2012

Friendship Friday

Here are my favorite new blogs of the week! Enjoy!

Have a great weekend everyone! I'm going out to dinner with some of the Mommies from Savannah's playgroup tonight! Then tomorrow we'll be hanging out with friends here at our home, so excited for a fun weekend. :-)

Chubby Cheeks Thinks

Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Little Summer Soiree Part 1

Soiree. I use that term lightly. Well. Actually I used it because it sounds good with summer. One of my favorite things to do is have my closest friends over. For me, it beats going out every time. I love planning and preparing for their visit. Creating a menu. Making a little Sangria. That's my kind of summer afternoon. We've never really had the opportunity to get together with friends on the weekends because we've never lived this close to any of them. That's why I am super delighted about my BFF coming to visit Saturday.

We became besties back in middle school. Hung tight in high school. Survived being roommates in college. After graduation she started her amazing career where we grew up and I've bounced around like a ping pong due to my husband's noble profession as a soldier. Somehow we've managed to keep our friendship strong and that makes me very happy. Every girl deserves at least one good girlfriend that won't judge them. Ever.

We plan to hang out like old times. This will be the first time that we are meeting the new man in her life. I've heard great things about him and I can't wait to meet him. The soldier and I don't plan to do anything super fancy for dinner. Just regular cookout fare. I will post about the menu and the Sangria (because that's the best part of any gathering besides the conversation) and all the fun later! What do you ladies do for fun with your girlfriends?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Low Maintenance Mama

Something occured to me today while Sav and I were at the pool. During one of the lifeguard breaks all the Mommies and babies decided to break out their snacks. That was fine with me so I reached into our pool bag and gave Sav her bottle of water and zip-loc baggy of goldfish. Goldfish are her jam right now. As I looked around the pool I noticed something...

All the other Mamas had small meals planned for their kiddos. I saw loaves of bread and bags of chips. I was kind can I put this...embarrassed. All my kid had was a bag of goldfish and a water bottle. That's it. It never crossed my mind to pack anything more than that. I have always prided myself on being able to leave the house without a lot of stuff. I hate stuff. I hate it hanging from me and I hate carrying it. I hate stuffing it under a stroller and I hate unloading it when we get home.

I'm sure all Moms feel that way. But looking around at the pool today you wouldn't know it. I felt like a rookie this morning. Which I kind of am but that's really besides the point. Maybe I am too low maintenance as a Mom. I bet Savannah would have loved a Nutella and banana sandwich with a slice of watermelon and chips today at the pool. I bet she would have. I always justify my appetizer sized snack with the fact that we are eating lunch when we leave. I think I should rethink that. The truth is I have the hardest time getting her to eat a real lunch when we get home. There may be something to bringing a small deli shop to the pool.

I'm going to give it a shot on our next pool day. The worst thing that could happen is that I'll end up bringing all that crap back home with me. Which will bring me back to a place that I hate to be. Which will be cool cause that's part of this gig. Add hauling crap to my new resume. I'm a Jill of all trades.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Breakfast Quickie

You know what they say about breakfast. It's the most important meal of the day. I have found this to be extremely true for myself. If I skip out on breakfast even for a couple days it throws off my metabolism. Since I don't get to workout as often as I'd like my metabolism is really important to me.

Enough about that. This breakfast is the quickest little meal ever. I learned about this no brainer breakfast sandwich while I was visiting my parents in Atlanta. It's so fast and simple to make. Even the busiest of Moms should be able to make this before the day gets started.

1 egg
2 strips of bacon
2 slices of wheat bread
Cheese is optional


Place 2 strips of your favorite bacon on a microwave safe dish. Cover with a paper towel and cook for about two minutes and 15 seconds. Place cooked bacon on a dry paper towel to drain. Crack your egg into a microwave safe bowl. Season your egg and whisk it up. Cover bowl with the same paper towel that you used to cover your bacon. (recycle, reduce, reuse) Microwave for one minute. Place egg on wheat bread. Top with bacon and sprinkle with cheese if you'd like.

That's it. I normally eat my sandwich with a Sargento Pepper Jack cheese stick instead of sprinkling the cheese on the sandwich. Sometimes I'll add a tomato and spinach if I have more time, but on most days this basic sandwich gets the job done. It's isn't revolutionary or a fantastic new recipe. I just thought I'd share what works for me every morning because I know it's some woman out there who's skipping her most important meal because she "doesn't have enough time". Try this out and you'll be getting a fresher start to the day in no time! This may not be the best breakfast ever but it sure is the quickest, not to mention it's pretty darn healthy too.

You can find one of these bacon plates anywhere.

Cooked Egg.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

My First Garden

Here are some of the tomatoes from my garden. I'm not really sure if they are ripe. Shouldn't they be more red? I feel like they were this shade of red orange forever. I decided to go ahead and pick them. I'll keep watching the ones that are left on the plant to see how they turn out. My pepper plant just keeps cranking out the most delicious peppers ever. I would definitely plant a pepper plant again!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Stylish Saturday: H&M Maxi Dress

Maxi Dresses are a girl's best friend. This Georgia sun (read heat) is not a game. Maxi dresses keep you cool and they offer great style. I love the print on this dress. You can't tell from the picture but this dress has an amazing evening gown type flow. It is a little long but with wedges I can walk in it with no problem. The back is a little lower than your traditional halter. (I should've taken a pic. Oops.) This particular dress was purchased a couple years ago. It's an oldie but goodie. Anyway, this summer staple is offered at all different price points. If you haven't picked up one yet, you should. I just love a fresh face and a maxi dress. It screams summer.

H&M maxi dress

Maxi Dress - H&M
Ear Rings - Nordstrom
Glasses - Rx (I'm blind as a bat without them) Not a major brand, I got the cheapest frames they had.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friendship Friday

This is a special edition of Friendship Friday. Since I haven't gotten a chance to read any new blogs this week I thought I would share a picture from our family photoshoot. Meet two of my very best buddies. My husband and daughter.

Property of Crystal Jenkins Photography & The Chic Stay at Home Mom (The Chic SAHM)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Chic Obsessions

Lately, I have been thinking about how much certain products have made my life a little easier. I'm not talking about the iPhone (which I do love, but who doesn't?) or an e-reader. I'm talking about my everyday products or gadgets that have found a special place in my heart. Here is a quick list:

1. DVR - I love good tv. As you know I Keep Up with the Kardashians, The Bachelorette and every type of house wife there is. I can record my shows and watch on my own time, love that.

2. Cantu Shea Butter Conditioner - It's a conditioner and a styling product all in one. You can find it at any beauty supply store. I get mine from Target. My coily ringlets love that stuff.

Leave in Conditioning Repair Cream

3. Michael Kors iPhone Case - It's a wallet and a phone case. It looks like a tiny little square clutch and the wrist strap makes it handy. It's perfect.

4. Dasani 12oz bottles - They're small enough for the little lady to carry on the go. Bye Bye sippy cups. She prefers a water bottle like Mama's.

5. My Wok - I received it as a birthday gift a couple years ago. It gets really hot and it's huge so I can make a lot of food in a little bit of time. I'm thinking about getting a Chinese cookbook. I'd love to be able to do more than fried rice.

 Just so you know,  I have not been given one greenback to speak about these products.
What are your favorite products right now?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Day in the Life...

Today has been quite full. And by quite full I mean it's been too much. Now I am normally not one to complain about hectic days. After all, I am a stay at home mom this is my job. To chauffeur, cook, clean etc. However today has just been too much look for me and it's only 1:30pm.

I decided to hop on here while my little lady was taking her nap. I'm sitting in the living room watching Crazy, Stupid Love. starring Ryan Gosling and Steve Carrell. It's pretty good. This morning after breakfast I had to take my soldier to his combative training. I had to take him because his car is currently getting a little upgrade. For Father's Day the little lady and I got him a new stereo for his car. He's super excited. He's wanted a new stereo for over a year now. So while his car is at Best Buy I have been turned into his personal driver.

By eight this morning we were back at home, and it was time for the little lady and I to get ready for the day. She had her very first dentist appointment today. By the time Sesame Street went off we were ready to leave again. We arrived at the dentist office at about 10:20. They called us back at about 10:40. The dentist checked her out, gave us two thumbs up for healthy teeth and sent us on our way. It's now 11:05. The soldier has to be picked up for lunch at 11:30.

Lunch goes great. We load back up and drop Daddy back off. It is now 12:45. The little lady and I are back home by one. I can finally put her down for a nap. Which brings me to where I am now. Watching the movie, enjoying the peace. We have to go pick our soldier up at 3:30. Then we'll take him to Best Buy to pick up his car. My guess is we'll be back by 4:30 at the latest. I'll serve dinner. Give the little lady a bath. She'll be asleep by eight. I'll be clocking out at approximately 8:01. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Bachelorette Episode 5

Oh Emily. Did you really keep Doug and that other guy whose name I can not remember at the moment? I mean really. I haven't seen you with that one guy all season. Doug has always been a favorite of mine since he got the first impression rose. I still feel like he's getting a harder time than all the other bachelors. I'm not really sure why she kept both of them. She says it's because of what Ryan told her before she sent him home, but I'm willing to be ratings have more to do with it.

It does seem like she has a strong connection with everyone that's left. Which is kind of weird, gross and crazy all at the same time. One of the things that I hate about the show is seeing the Bachelor/ette kissing all the contestants. Ugh. I can not imagine how any of them could feel special or think their connection is any deeper than the next person's. Grosses. Me. Out.

On another note, I must say that I have enjoyed seeing all of Emily's gowns. The stylist is doing a great job with her wardrobe. Her rose ceremony dress could have easily been a reception dress for a bride. Or maybe a vow renewal gown? It was gorgeous. I have no idea where this season is headed but I'd be willing to bet that Arie and maybe Sean will be in the top three. They would have to mess up pretty bad to get sent home at this point. Prague is the next stop on their trip. I wonder if she'll be sending two bachelors home next week? We'll have to watch and see!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Pinterest Review

I made this blueberry breakfast cake this morning for breakfast. It's a recipe that I found on pinterest. I have to say that I am slightly disappointed in this breakfast cake. I followed the recipe and instructions to a tee. While the cake came out beautifully, the taste has left a bad taste in my mouth. I'm not sure it was the salt or the buttermilk or what but something just didn't click for me. I was expecting the taste of a blueberry muffin in the shape of a cake. That's not what I got. I have to admit that if you take a bite with a blueberry it is pretty tasty, but if you get just's pretty gross. I am going to assume that I did something wrong because I would hate to think that it's suppose to taste the way it does. Has anyone pinned this and actually tried it? What did you think of the cake's flavor?

Here's how mine turned out. Pretty but nasty.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Thought Bubbles

I had a great time hanging out with my Mom and Sav today...
A simple Saturday filled with shopping, fun...
Found a cute Nine West suit...
The suit jacket is amazing...
The suit is currently hiding from my husband...
I really need to start walking again...
I'm considering trying the "new" Proactive...
Million Dollar Neighborhood on OWN, great show...
The Fresh Beat Band is growing on me...
Beyonce's sister Solange has amazing style...
I really need to start planning our meals again...
When the people at the grocery store know you, you're there too much...
I'm kind of over these super hot temps already, where's Fall when you need it?

Stylish Saturday: A Fedora

girl in fedora

There are so many good things I could say about a fedora. I love them. They are perfect on days when you need to give your outfit a bit of testosterone. You can get them almost anywhere in all price ranges. I wear my fedora with dresses, jeans and rompers. It's probably one of my top three favorite accessories for summer.
Fedora: Aldo

Friday, June 15, 2012

A Chic Quote

"It's pretty to be pretty, but it's even prettier to be smart."
- The Chic Stay at Home Mom (Tia)
baby and mom natural hair
This photo was taken May 2011. Time flies.

The Bachelorette Episode 4

What can I say? This week's episode was pretty good. We are getting to see more and more of Emily's personality and I love it. She's so funny and down to earth. It was great seeing her with Sean this week. I think their connection is pretty strong. He may be the new front runner.

Ryan, Jeff, Doug and Arie are my picks for the last five. I am very surprised at her chemistry with Jeff. Something about them seems so off, like she's forcing that connection. Hopefully his personality will come out more in the next epsiode. Ryan also seems like he's stepping up. I think she likes it that he's not all that impressed by her beauty. He treats her so differently than the other bachelors and it is refreshing to watch. Emily probably appreciates that about him too.

I am a litle bummed out that Doug did not get more credit for being the whistle blower on the Kalon situation. I mean, she kind of acted as if no one had her back when in fact Doug told her as soon as he found out. You could see that Emily was so disappointed in Arie. He should have spoken up. I think this situation exposed Arie's inner wimp. I am so glad Kalon is gone.

Is anyone else watching this season? Aren't you glad Kalon is out of there?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Friendship Friday

My favorite blogs of the week! I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do. :-)
Couponing and Cooking

I'm looking forward to spending time with my family this weekend. Friday will be full of chores and errands. We're finally getting our pictures done on Sunday. We got rained out last weekend. What will everyone be doing this weekend?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sesame Street: Change the World

I love the message of this video! Sesame Street has been playing it a lot lately, great job!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Author Dreams 2

Since I am pretty happy with the two children's stories I've written I am going to move on to the next step on my journey of publishing a book. You can not have a children's picture book with out illustrations, right? Welp, that's where I am. Initially I was going to seek out an illustrator to help bring my characters to life. After looking around on the world wide web I decided to do more of a local search. And by local I mean my husband.

Since he was a little boy he has had a gift for being able to draw really well. He won competitions as a school age kid and would draw for fun while we were in college. As a grown up life got him away from his hobby. He recently started drawing again for his job. His unit was looking for a tee shirt design and he volunteered his services. I had forgotten how talented he was. That husband of mine. Is there anything that he isn't good at?

I think this professional relationship between the two of us will work well. He is already use to me telling him what to do. I don't have to worry about paying him. He knows how particular and detail oriented I am. Despite all that not only does he love me anyway, but he also agreed to be my illustrator. I am so excited about us doing this together. I'm writing and he's illustrating. How cool is that? He is going to start some rough draft sketches this weekend. Can't wait to see what we come up with!

Other Chic Bloggers...

Hi! If you're visiting from the Reflexions Blog Hop follow these easy steps to follow this blog. Hover over the sidebar to the right. Click on Chic Readers and "wah-laa"! I'm pretty sure you know what to do from there. Thanks for stopping by and I can't wait to read your blogs. Come back Friday to see if your blog is featured in my Friendship Friday post.  While you're here scroll on down to see what madness has been ensuing in my life lately...

Staying Alive

 I don't believe in energy drinks. Red Bull. Five Hour Energy. They may work but I'm not convinced. Whenever I need a little pick me up or a three o' clock boost I go for this. The snack of champions. It's not for the super healthy or girls who follow the next big all natural way to boost energy. But this works for me and I can get it just about anywhere. I don't need a Whole Foods or a fancy schmancy all natural store. Need a boost? Grab a Snickers...and an ice cold Coke. Don't judge me ;-)

P.S. That weird sequence of letters and numbers at the beginning is a claim code for Technorati.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Potty Training is Ruining my Life 4

Well. Not really, but since this has turned into somewhat of a series I didn't want to change the name. It has been a full week since Savannah has been wearing big girl panties. She has done so well! The only accidents that she's had has been due to my husband and I not listening to her. She'll "say" she has to go and I'll say "okay, let me finish this or just one sec".  I know. I know. We only made that mistake once actually. When she says she has to go she means it.

So how is it that we went from pure potty chaos to a partially trained 20 month old? Well it was quite the process. I am happy to share what worked for us. The first thing that we did was decide that we as a family were ready. It is not enough for your toddler to be ready. You have to be ready as well. That's the first mistake I made. While I do believe that Sav was ready over a month ago I wasn't. I wasn't ready to commit to staying home and missing play dates. I was overwhelmed and I had no plan.

So we decided that the Tuesday after Memorial Day would be it. We would officially start training. I printed out a potty chart that I found on pinterest. Sav and I picked out some Abby Cadabby stickers at the grocery store. Then we started the timer on the stove to remind us to sit on the potty every 30 minutes. What I learned during this process was that we were missing her potty time. She was actually ready for the potty about every 20 minutes or so. Once we figured that out I thought we were in the clear. Girl, I could not have been more wrong.

Okay, so we got the timing down but now she was turning into a little monster every time she had to go. She literally did not want to pee in her potty. With that little nugget of knowledge I started sitting her on the toilet. Then the angels began to sing! She went potty! After her success she got a hug, a kiss and a sticker. If she pooped she got all that plus a skittle. We did that for the rest of the week.

By Saturday, it was time to run errands and cure some cabin fever. I decided that Saturday was a good a day as any to leave the pull-ups/diapers behind and upgrade to big girl panties. Not to mention since my husband was with us I had back-up to help if she had an accident. We were out and about for 3 hours with no accidents! I took her to potty several times but she wouldn't go. I think the public restroom was intimidating. As soon as we got home I took her to the bathroom and she went immediately!

She has only been wearing diapers at night to sleep since then. It was messy and it was crazy,  but I am glad we're at a good place on our potty training journey. I could not be more proud of her. This method worked so well for us. In four days we were free from diapers during the day!

Chic Tips for Potty Training
Identify your child's "potty" time. How often does he/she need to go?
Figure out if they prefer the regular toilet over the potty.
Find a reward system that works for you and stick to it. Be consistent with your reward ceremony.
When they tell you they have to go take them that very second.
Be willing to abandon diapers (at least during the day).
Be patient.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Stylish Saturday: Leggings

Love these leggings. I can't remember why we were in Sears. While we were there I remembered that Sears has the Kardashian Kollection so I wandered over to women's apparel to see what all the hype was about. I was surprised at how cute the pieces were. Not to mention everything seemed very well fitted. My only gripe was that it seems a little out of place for Sears. I can't see myself spending that kind of money on clothes from an electronic store. Know what I'm saying? With that said I couldn't resist taking these leggings home with me. I'll wear them with a tee and flats this summer and boots and a blazer in the fall.
kardashian kollection leggings

Leggings - Sears, Kardashian Kollection
Tee Shirt - Old Navy

Friday, June 8, 2012

Funny Girls

mom and daughter natural hair

Stack of Books

These books have been in Savannah's room since she was born. However, today for some reason they got my attention. Everyting a girl needs to know is right here on her dresser....

My First Garden

Friendship Friday

Here are the blogs I couldn't stop reading this week! Enjoy!

What is everyone doing this weekend? We'll be having our pictures made on Sunday. The forecast is calling for rain so hopefully it holds off until after our shoot!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

My First Garden

These are some of the peppers from my garden. There are tons more growing outside on the plant. So far I am quite proud of my garden. I've been using the basil quite a bit. I have a lot of tomatoes growing too. I'm patiently waiting for them to turn red, can't wait. I must admit that while we were out of town for Memorial Day my garden took quite the beating. I didn't have anyone to water it for me so it doesn't look as pretty as it use to. There was also a casualty, my cilantro. It didn't survive the four days that we were away. So sad. I plan to use the pepper in either salsa or maybe I'll make a pepper relish....Either way, it feels good to have grown something. I'll post an update of the tomatoes when they're ready.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Savannah's Book Club

Here are this month's book club picks. Everyone is familiar with the story of Ratatouille. The mouse chef who helps a young sous chef become famous. Count to 10 with a Mouse is a book we found in the book section at Publix. It is a cute picture book that teaches your child numbers through beautiful illustrations. Last but not least we have the very funny Come Back, Amelia Bedelia. In this book AB gets fired and has to find another job. It's a funny story with a great ending.

I hope you all enjoy this month's picks! 

Summer's Hottest Diaper Bag

straw bag

I am a big Target girl! Who isn't these days? One of my most recent purchases from my local Target was this beautiful straw tote. It is so well made and there is lining with pockets on the inside. I will be carrying this tote as my diaper bag this summer. It has plenty of space for everything you need. All your "can't leave the house without..." items will fit nicely in this super chic tote. On Saturday I carried a large sippy cup, two back up outfits, cosmetic bag, MK iPhone holder/wallet, potty covers, get the picture. I just zip loc baggy the things I need to organize so that everything is easily accessible. I hate digging or fumbling through a giant bag and I never felt like I had to do that with this one. Great summer option for a day at the beach or a day full of errands.

straw diaper bag

Author Dreams

I have always known that I should be writing. I majored in broadcast journalism while in college. My favorite classes were always the writing based classes. I always seemed to do better in the on-air talent classes but I actually enjoyed writing more.

After college, I decided not to go into the tv news business. Mainly because the work hours did not agree with me. I like sleeping and spending holidays with my family. I knew that the real world was nothing like the projects we did as assignments. I have some pretty good footage of me on the campus and in the studio of East Carolina University. Those were great times. But I don't think it's really my path. If I'm suppose to be doing something tv/video related it will happen organically. I'm not going to force it.

Writing comes a lot more naturally for me. It's almost effortless. It's actually the primary reason I started this blog. To write about whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Another goal of mine is to write a children's book. I have been so inspired by my daughter. She is so funny and expressive. I am currently working on two different books. Hopefully they will be ready for submission or self publication by the end of the year.

I'm not looking to be famous or become an over night millionaire. I'm just looking to have my name associated with an ISBN number. I want kids and families to read my stories and find joy in them. Reading to my daughter is my favorite thing to do with her. She loves a good book. Maybe one day she'll be able to read one of my books to her own children. That would be success for me. The sweetest success.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Family Photo Shoot Dress

Source: via Tia on Pinterest

This is the dress I got for our upcoming photo shoot. I plan to style it differently of course. I'll probably wear some cute flat sandals to the shoot and bring some heels for full body shots. The next styling decision that I need to make will be about my hair. I'm not sure if I should wear it natural, do some type of roll/twist out or get it straightened. I still have plenty of time to decide. I'll be experimenting with some different styles this week. I'll be sure to post my progress!

Dress: Express

Potty Training is Ruining my Life 3

I am so pleased to announce that Saturday was a huge turn in our potty training efforts. Sav has been doing so well on the potty at home this week. I thought it would be good to test the waters by letting her wear regular panties out during our errands. I was pleasantly surprised with the results.

I took her to potty twice in Target. Nothing. We went at least three times at our favorite pizza place. Nothing. We tried the potty at Macy's. Nothing. I thought for sure she was going to wet her pants on the way home. I braced myself for what I thought was going to be a mess as we pulled into the driveway. Pulled her out of her carseat...NOTHING! She was still dry! Once we were inside I took her to the potty and she went right away. I was one proud Momma!

Fast forward to today, we ended up back at the mall. I finally found a dress for our photo shoot. The best part about our visit was that she stayed dry the entire trip. She actually went potty at the mall today, and I was thrilled! We are on day number three of potty success and it feels so good. She's only wearing a diaper at night for a bed. Hopefully we'll be done with diapers for good by the end of summer.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Stylish Saturday: Gold Studded Flats

I found these flats during a Nordstrom shoe sale. We don't have Nordstrom where I live so I try to check their shoe department out whenever we're in Atlanta. When my husband and I lived in the DC area Nordstrom was my favorite department store for a good shoe sale. I know Macy's is a favorite for many, but in my opinion there is something special about the selection at Nordstrom. These Sam Edelman egyptian gold flats are my latest find. They are so comfortable. Great for play dates and running errands. If I'm gonna wear flats they've got to be jazzed up a little. The studded feature reminds me of the studded detail of the infamous "red bottom" shoes a lot of your fave celebs are wearing. I am in love with these. They'll look good in the fall too!

sam edelman gold flats

sam edelman gold flats

Sam Edelman, Beatrix - Egyptian Gold: Nordstrom $89.90

Friday, June 1, 2012

Family Photos

I am preparing us for our first family photo shoot. Up until now we've only had pictures of Savannah taken on a regular basis. Mainly because I figured she was the only person in our family that people wanted to see in the mail every four months.

I have decided that we aren't going to be the "matchy matchy" family. I'm going dress shopping this weekend to find something to wear. I'm thinking yellow or a floral print. Savannah will be wearing a white dress. I will be accessorizing her look with a beautiful headband. Instead of doing multiple outfit changes I plan to change her headband half way thru the shoot. Saves time, energy and I don't have to worry about keeping up with all that crap. The pics below are her exact headbands. I'm not quite sure what my husband is going to wear. I'm not the kind of wife that picks out his clothes so he'll be on his own. I did however let him know that basketball shorts, graphic tee shirts and basketball shoes are a no go.

Of course, I have been scouring Pinterest for family portrait inspiration. I have seen lots of ideas that I love. Hopefully our photo shoot will produce some pictures that we will still love years from now. I am very excited about it. Our appointment time is ten o' clock. I picked a time that is normally a happy time for all three of us, ha ha. Although, with Savannah you never know exactly how she's going to feel. Music makes her happy so I'll have a play list of her favorite songs ready to go on my iPhone. A little Beyonce, Rihanna and Jay-Z. Her faves.

 Our shoot will be outside so I plan to take snacks and drinks. Does anyone have suggestions for me? Here are some of the ideas I found while pinning my life away...

Source: via Tia on Pinterest
Source: via Tia on Pinterest
Source: via Tia on Pinterest