Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Author Dreams

I have always known that I should be writing. I majored in broadcast journalism while in college. My favorite classes were always the writing based classes. I always seemed to do better in the on-air talent classes but I actually enjoyed writing more.

After college, I decided not to go into the tv news business. Mainly because the work hours did not agree with me. I like sleeping and spending holidays with my family. I knew that the real world was nothing like the projects we did as assignments. I have some pretty good footage of me on the campus and in the studio of East Carolina University. Those were great times. But I don't think it's really my path. If I'm suppose to be doing something tv/video related it will happen organically. I'm not going to force it.

Writing comes a lot more naturally for me. It's almost effortless. It's actually the primary reason I started this blog. To write about whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Another goal of mine is to write a children's book. I have been so inspired by my daughter. She is so funny and expressive. I am currently working on two different books. Hopefully they will be ready for submission or self publication by the end of the year.

I'm not looking to be famous or become an over night millionaire. I'm just looking to have my name associated with an ISBN number. I want kids and families to read my stories and find joy in them. Reading to my daughter is my favorite thing to do with her. She loves a good book. Maybe one day she'll be able to read one of my books to her own children. That would be success for me. The sweetest success.


  1. Thanks Tia for sharing! Blogging allows us moms to have a voice and we get to be our own bosses. I wish you sweet success with your books!

    Tina at

  2. I have been really inspired as of late. This blog has been so refreshing for me. More than that, I've enjoyed reading other blogs and learning from other women. I feel so empowered and reassured by their blogs.


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