Friday, June 15, 2012

The Bachelorette Episode 4

What can I say? This week's episode was pretty good. We are getting to see more and more of Emily's personality and I love it. She's so funny and down to earth. It was great seeing her with Sean this week. I think their connection is pretty strong. He may be the new front runner.

Ryan, Jeff, Doug and Arie are my picks for the last five. I am very surprised at her chemistry with Jeff. Something about them seems so off, like she's forcing that connection. Hopefully his personality will come out more in the next epsiode. Ryan also seems like he's stepping up. I think she likes it that he's not all that impressed by her beauty. He treats her so differently than the other bachelors and it is refreshing to watch. Emily probably appreciates that about him too.

I am a litle bummed out that Doug did not get more credit for being the whistle blower on the Kalon situation. I mean, she kind of acted as if no one had her back when in fact Doug told her as soon as he found out. You could see that Emily was so disappointed in Arie. He should have spoken up. I think this situation exposed Arie's inner wimp. I am so glad Kalon is gone.

Is anyone else watching this season? Aren't you glad Kalon is out of there?

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