Thursday, June 21, 2012

Chic Obsessions

Lately, I have been thinking about how much certain products have made my life a little easier. I'm not talking about the iPhone (which I do love, but who doesn't?) or an e-reader. I'm talking about my everyday products or gadgets that have found a special place in my heart. Here is a quick list:

1. DVR - I love good tv. As you know I Keep Up with the Kardashians, The Bachelorette and every type of house wife there is. I can record my shows and watch on my own time, love that.

2. Cantu Shea Butter Conditioner - It's a conditioner and a styling product all in one. You can find it at any beauty supply store. I get mine from Target. My coily ringlets love that stuff.

Leave in Conditioning Repair Cream

3. Michael Kors iPhone Case - It's a wallet and a phone case. It looks like a tiny little square clutch and the wrist strap makes it handy. It's perfect.

4. Dasani 12oz bottles - They're small enough for the little lady to carry on the go. Bye Bye sippy cups. She prefers a water bottle like Mama's.

5. My Wok - I received it as a birthday gift a couple years ago. It gets really hot and it's huge so I can make a lot of food in a little bit of time. I'm thinking about getting a Chinese cookbook. I'd love to be able to do more than fried rice.

 Just so you know,  I have not been given one greenback to speak about these products.
What are your favorite products right now?


  1. Right now, I'm doing the bed rest thing so this netbook is my fave item - EVER!!! Let's me still get stuff done while I'm on lockdown! :)

    I am thinking about getting an iPhone... my beloved blackberry is having some issues. Everyone I know with an iPhone, LOVES it! Hmmm...

  2. You will love the iPhone!! Netbooks are great too. My Mom has one and she swears by them.

  3. Yay! Another fellow natural mama. I've been searching for some natural girl blogs to follow. Btw, I love Cantu Shea Butter :)

    1. Hi and Welcome!! Isn't that some good stuff?! And you get so much the amount that you spend, it's a win win!


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