Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Day in the Life...

Today has been quite full. And by quite full I mean it's been too much. Now I am normally not one to complain about hectic days. After all, I am a stay at home mom this is my job. To chauffeur, cook, clean etc. However today has just been too much look for me and it's only 1:30pm.

I decided to hop on here while my little lady was taking her nap. I'm sitting in the living room watching Crazy, Stupid Love. starring Ryan Gosling and Steve Carrell. It's pretty good. This morning after breakfast I had to take my soldier to his combative training. I had to take him because his car is currently getting a little upgrade. For Father's Day the little lady and I got him a new stereo for his car. He's super excited. He's wanted a new stereo for over a year now. So while his car is at Best Buy I have been turned into his personal driver.

By eight this morning we were back at home, and it was time for the little lady and I to get ready for the day. She had her very first dentist appointment today. By the time Sesame Street went off we were ready to leave again. We arrived at the dentist office at about 10:20. They called us back at about 10:40. The dentist checked her out, gave us two thumbs up for healthy teeth and sent us on our way. It's now 11:05. The soldier has to be picked up for lunch at 11:30.

Lunch goes great. We load back up and drop Daddy back off. It is now 12:45. The little lady and I are back home by one. I can finally put her down for a nap. Which brings me to where I am now. Watching the movie, enjoying the peace. We have to go pick our soldier up at 3:30. Then we'll take him to Best Buy to pick up his car. My guess is we'll be back by 4:30 at the latest. I'll serve dinner. Give the little lady a bath. She'll be asleep by eight. I'll be clocking out at approximately 8:01. 


  1. Girl!! I pray for a day like that. I have a houseful of teenagers and a 2 year old. At approximately 8:01 I'll probably just be starting dinner!!!

  2. I thought I was gonna go crazy if I had to load her up in that car seat one more time, haha!

  3. I enjoyed my day with the two of you! Lets do it again!

    1. Ha! We should try to do lunch more often.


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