Friday, June 1, 2012

Family Photos

I am preparing us for our first family photo shoot. Up until now we've only had pictures of Savannah taken on a regular basis. Mainly because I figured she was the only person in our family that people wanted to see in the mail every four months.

I have decided that we aren't going to be the "matchy matchy" family. I'm going dress shopping this weekend to find something to wear. I'm thinking yellow or a floral print. Savannah will be wearing a white dress. I will be accessorizing her look with a beautiful headband. Instead of doing multiple outfit changes I plan to change her headband half way thru the shoot. Saves time, energy and I don't have to worry about keeping up with all that crap. The pics below are her exact headbands. I'm not quite sure what my husband is going to wear. I'm not the kind of wife that picks out his clothes so he'll be on his own. I did however let him know that basketball shorts, graphic tee shirts and basketball shoes are a no go.

Of course, I have been scouring Pinterest for family portrait inspiration. I have seen lots of ideas that I love. Hopefully our photo shoot will produce some pictures that we will still love years from now. I am very excited about it. Our appointment time is ten o' clock. I picked a time that is normally a happy time for all three of us, ha ha. Although, with Savannah you never know exactly how she's going to feel. Music makes her happy so I'll have a play list of her favorite songs ready to go on my iPhone. A little Beyonce, Rihanna and Jay-Z. Her faves.

 Our shoot will be outside so I plan to take snacks and drinks. Does anyone have suggestions for me? Here are some of the ideas I found while pinning my life away...

Source: via Tia on Pinterest
Source: via Tia on Pinterest
Source: via Tia on Pinterest

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