Monday, June 4, 2012

Potty Training is Ruining my Life 3

I am so pleased to announce that Saturday was a huge turn in our potty training efforts. Sav has been doing so well on the potty at home this week. I thought it would be good to test the waters by letting her wear regular panties out during our errands. I was pleasantly surprised with the results.

I took her to potty twice in Target. Nothing. We went at least three times at our favorite pizza place. Nothing. We tried the potty at Macy's. Nothing. I thought for sure she was going to wet her pants on the way home. I braced myself for what I thought was going to be a mess as we pulled into the driveway. Pulled her out of her carseat...NOTHING! She was still dry! Once we were inside I took her to the potty and she went right away. I was one proud Momma!

Fast forward to today, we ended up back at the mall. I finally found a dress for our photo shoot. The best part about our visit was that she stayed dry the entire trip. She actually went potty at the mall today, and I was thrilled! We are on day number three of potty success and it feels so good. She's only wearing a diaper at night for a bed. Hopefully we'll be done with diapers for good by the end of summer.

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