Monday, July 16, 2012

Beauty. It's a Full-Time Job

This weekend my Mother and I were talking about all things girly. Nails. Hair. Diet and exercise. The basic things most women think about at least once a week if not everyday. After talking about hair dye and blowouts on natural hair it hit me. This beauty thing is a full-time job.

Like most women I feel the need to keep up my appearance. I'm not talking about red carpet night club first date appearances. I'm talking about looking decent. Just decent enough to run errands on a random Wednesday afternoon. That's it. I feel that just looking pretty enough to step out into the world pulled together all the time is a lot. A friend of mine from the little lady's playgroup always looks great. Her make-up. Her outfit. Her hair. I'm not quite sure when she finds the time to get dolled up, but she finds it. Now I'm not saying that I never have it together, but I am saying that I could have it together a little more often. And by often I mean more than just the weekend.

It's like my daily appearance suffers from the "peanut butter but no jelly" syndrome. I'll have on a cute outfit but no make-up. A cute outfit and make-up but then I'll have on a hat (albeit a cute hat) because I "didn't have time" to style my hair. On a great day I'll have all that going for me but I'll still be lacking pretty nails and toes. Peanut Butter. No Jelly.

So how do I plan on getting it together? With every thing that I have going on right now a mani/pedi is hardly at the top of my to-do list. However, I want to have it at least somewhere on the list. So this morning I thought of a good way to keep me up to date on everything. As a stay at home Mom I have a little schedule of when I clean, grocery shop and attend play dates and other fun outings. The first thing I need to do is meal plan. This will allow me to visit the grocery store once a week instead of going everyday. (Don't judge.) Just that one tweak should free up tons of my time. Now I can add a beauty schedule into my routine. This Friday I'll be going to get my first blowout this year. (Again. Don't judge)

I'm excited about going to the salon. I also plan to try out one of the fun manicures that I've seen floating around Pinterest. Followed by a pedicure and face mask. See. The key is to catch yourself and call yourself out when you feel like you're slipping. I was slipping. In a major way. Telling myself I didn't have time for things that at one point I would have never allowed myself to miss. I had to switch my way of thinking. It is very possible to plan for our next two trips, our move half way across country and Savannah's second birthday without looking like a hot mess. I've already started exercising again so getting back on track with my new beauty routine will be a great addition to my pretty full schedule. I always wondered why famous people have glam squads. Now I know. Because it is pretty damn hard to keep all this looking good. It is a full-time job by itself.

How do you find time to stay "fancy"?


  1. The salon is so much fun! Beauty/fashion/feeling good is pretty high on my priority list so I wake up 15-20 minutes earlier every morning to put my makeup on/style my hair, etc. I also make time about 3x each week to go for a run. It's only for about a half hour, but it's worth it for me.

  2. I honestly don't know how any of us do it, i swear i'm a mess most of the time

    Xo Megan

  3. I tend to go to the store often to incorporate excersize with the newborn. I try to walk if it's not too hot. I complain that I don't have time to do take care of myself but I'm not sure i actually try. When do I have it all together and the baby on board I feel great!!! I find the time by making time. If Noah is taking a nap... I could pass on a tv show, phone call or surfing the Internet to do something for me.

  4. Oh yes, I can relate. The peanut butter, but no jelly. Lol. I recently pledged to myself that I was going to keep myself together. I need to start looking cute and presentable.

  5. I'm trying to do better. There's absolutely no reason why I have to reserve looking all the way fly for Saturday.

  6. I keep my hair done but the rest of me I have got to do better especially with keeping my nails done. I have started to do my own home stuff found on pinterest of course it helps to cut down cost and still stay fly.

  7. I've pinned a lot of manicures/nail designs too. I'm looking forward to trying out some. The caviar nails trend looks cool but the reviews I read said it doesn't last longer than a couple says. I think I'm still going to give it a shot though.

  8. It's not easy! But I like to put my best foot forward so I do make an effort. I keep it simple, a little lip gloss and mascara go a long way!

    1. I've also fallen in love with tinted moisturizers, it makes a BIG difference!


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