Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Chic Obsessions

Sally Hansen Mint Sorbet Polish - Target $2
I am absolutely loving this polish. I get so many compliments whenever I'm wearing it. It looks especially good when I'm wearing something black. This polish dries super fast and it is on the thicker side so you don't have to do more than one coat.

mint green nail polish

Target Gold Bar Sandals - Target $19.99
These amazing little sandals are perfect. They have a urban edgy feel to them that I love.

Maybelline Red Revival Lipstick - Any drugstore, $6
There's not really much to say about red lipstick. It's fabulous. I wear mine all the time, even when I don't have on any other makeup. As you've heard your entire life it's a great way to look pulled together. They key is finding one that looks good on your skin tone. I love this shade. I normally mix it with a little gloss for an extra POP.

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  1. I see you girl! I love the color, the shoes, the hair, the earrings... :-)

  2. I just discovered the Sally Hansen Extreme Wear line. It's my favorite now. It last a long time too. The sandals are super cute and the red lips? Love.


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