Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Chic Quote

"Children are not trophies.
Just because you have more, it doesn't necessarily make you a better Mother."
-The Chic SAHM (Tia)

I know I'm not the only one that's gotten unsolicited parenting advice from the woman who claims to be an expert because she's got "X" amount of kids. While she may have more experience parenting it doesn't mean that she is any better than the next Mom. One of my pet peeves, hearing women telling or lecturing another woman about what she should be doing because that's the way she did it.


  1. What did I say???? j/k. I think your a wonderful Mommy!

    1. Haha!! You're pretty fantastic yourself!

  2. I'm new. Just found your blog off Chasing Twins in Louboutins! Anyways, I like this post!

  3. Girrrrrl. I swear when I was without a child it was "When you are a parent..." And now that I am, I hear: "You're not a parent until you have had more than one"
    Many feel to start every sentence to me with how many they have before they tell you something. Because that validates their advice, you know... lol

    and to that I say...

    Really? Is that so? Oh look! There goes your seat right over-------->THERE!.

    I like appreciate advice but don't belittle me in the process.

    1. Yes. My thoughts exactly. It's one thing to genuinely share tips/advice and a completely different thing to speak to me like I'm paying you tuition, LOL!


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