Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Patience is a Virtue...(or at least that's what I'm told)

Never in my life have I ever been a patient person. I got my first job at fourteen. Ya know, cause why would I wait until I'm sixteen. That's two whole years of money I'm missing out on. I got my driver's license on the day of my sixteenth birthday. And when it took too long for my college of choice to contact me I made my parents call to see what the hold up was. Impatient? Spoiled? Both?

See. I'm that girl. The one that wants her kid to start talking sooner. I'll never be able to wait until my delivery to find out what the sex of my baby is. Waiting to find out about housing in Texas is probably giving me a small ulcer. See what I mean? I'm not patient.

I prefer to say that I'm overly assertive. A bit of a type-A maniac if you will. As I told you a few days ago we are moving back to San Antonio and I am working on having a more positive mindset about moving all the time. While I do feel like I'm doing better with that I have also noticed that my patience level could use a bit of work too. I mean, is it me? Am I the only one that feels like everyone else is a little too patient? A little too laid back?

I'm the kind of person that doesn't see the value in waiting to do what could get done immediately. What are we waiting for? Like. Seriously. Call and schedule your appointment now. Make your list now. Get dressed now. Run your errands now. Write that book now. Start that business now. Do something. Put your wheels in motion. I feel like I've been doing a lot of waiting lately. I know that hard work will never go unnoticed but waiting for the hard work to pay off, well, that's where the patience needs to come in.

I believe that everyone has a little bit of hustle in them. And I don't mean hustle in a negative way. I mean it in a "when I wake up in the morning I am going to live my life on purpose" way. If someone calls me I am going to return that call. Or better yet I am going to actually answer when they call. I'm going to return all my business related emails. I'm going to move forward. I am going to progress.

After reading The Secret about a million times (cause sometimes I need to be reminded) I really do try to put out into the universe what I want back. Maybe since I put out that "why haven't they emailed me back" vibe I get a lot of slow responses. As I try to become a more patient person I think of that cliche phrase about marathons and sprints. I'm not saying that we should all be rushing through life but I'm pretty sure even marathon runners don't want to be the last to cross the finish line.  Patience. It's a virtue. While I'm working on becoming more virtuous I'll continue to recite my three Cs. "Don't Compare. Don't Compete. Don't Complain. What God has for you is for you.

As a military spouse I deal with a lot of hurry up and wait. Plan plan plan. Then wait wait wait. Would you consider yourself to be a patient person?


  1. NOPE. I am impatient too. I can't even put down a project I am working on until it's finished. I would never paint half a room and wait until the next day to finish. smh.

    Great post. I love the three c's. This is probably for another topic but I feel that the internet and social networking challenge your three c's. We spend so much time concerning what others our doing. In turn we may be even more impatient and unhappy with our own pace in life.

  2. Yep. I agree. The Internet makes it so hard to live by the three Cs. That's a great point.

  3. I'm patient when I need to be. Like with the kids and the husband. I get quite assertive on issues that really matter. I think you have a good reason to be a little impatient.

  4. i am TERRIBLY impatient and i'm a mom of 2 small kids and a teacher. lol! I'm loving the 3 c's though. I need to keep that in mind all the time

  5. The three Cs help me out a lot but I could still be a little more patient and perhaps even more relaxed...

  6. I'm working on becoming a more patient person. It's easy to get caught up in that "I want everything now" mindset. However the truth is that somethings take time and I have to be ok with that or run myself into the ground being annoyed by it.

    1. That is the exact mindset that I've had. I'm thinking that once I get a little bit better with being patient my blood pressure might actually go down, LOL! There are so many reasons for me to get this under control.


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