Sunday, July 15, 2012

Stylish Saturday: Chambray Shirt

Saturday I attended my husband's first MMA tournament. It was great! He placed third. I was super proud since he had only been training for two months and he was fighting people who had been training for years! Pretty impressive don't you think?

Since I'd never attended an MMA fight before I had no idea what to wear. I decided to go with some blush colored jeans and a denim top. I'm still not sure if I was dressed appropriately because most of the women had on super short denim shorts or activewear.

natural hair chambray top colored jeans

Shirt- American Eagle
Pants- Express
Belt- H&M
Shoes- Target
Ear Rings- Forever 21
Watch- Michael Kors
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  1. Cute outfit! I love those pants. I'm not big on American Eagle, but I love Express!


    1. Thank you! I'm not huge on American Eagle either, but I had been searching for a denim top and knew they would have one in my price range. I am in LOVE with Express. Sometimes I think they're a little over priced but I eventually get over it because the fit is perfect for me!

  2. Love the pink with the chambray. Very chic!

  3. I love the chambray mixed with colored jeans. Thanks so much for sharing on Monday Mingle.



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