Friday, August 24, 2012

Hurry Up and Wait

I probably don't need to remind you of this but as you may recall we're moving. Now. I would like to consider myself an Army Wife vet. Meaning that I've moved several times and I'm very accustomed to relocating often. With that said. Every move presents a challenge. The challenge we are facing this time is looking for a place to call home. 

We have never been in a situation like this before. We have always lived on post so we've never really had to look for other options. I know that some families don't like living on post. Their reasons for not liking on post housing is too long for me to list here. I've heard everything from not having enough space to not wanting nosey neighbors. I would agree that sometimes you end up in a tiny house, but I've never had the nosey neighbor problem. In fact, I've always had great neighbors. 

This move is different because there is a wait list due to supply and demand. We're on two wait lists for two different installations. One house would be 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and the other house would be a smaller two bed two bath historical home that has been completely renovated. We actually lived in the smaller historical home during our last assignment in San Antonio. Either house would be fine with me. I just want a street address. I know that there are some military wives out there who will read this and think I'm "whining" but I don't really care. We all have moments of being overwhelmed by this lifestyle and right now I'm having my moment.

I know that everything will eventually work out but it's so hard waiting. Do you remember my post about patience? Yeah. I'm still working on that. In the mean time we'll be hanging out in Atlanta with my family until our number is called. I'm just so ready to get settled. It's just so hard for me to believe that the wait list hasn't moved at all this summer. I can't believe the lady on the phone said they haven't contacted anyone on the wait list and that there are actually houses available. I can't believe she said that, ha ha! Don't say that to a woman that wants a street address. It's not cool. There's so much hurry up and wait. And we're waiting. Not exactly patiently but waiting nonetheless.


  1. That is one of my biggest fears! Lucky for us, we've always been able to visit the city that we were moving to ahead of time to find ourselves a place to live off-post. I know with another 10 years left in the army though, our luck is bound to run out eventually.

  2. Sorry you're going through this. I need to work on my patience too. I'm not a military wife but I'm a retail wife. We move often. I hate not being settled. It is such an exhausting feeling. Hope you get called soon!

  3. I loved base housing.. We were never able to visit the city we were relocating to, so it was pretty much hit the ground running.. We have lived in some dumps waiting for housing ;)
    But hey, housing is free.. No rent, no utilities, and in Camp Lejune someone even came and did the yard work.. What's not to like?


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