Thursday, August 2, 2012

My New Look

While I'm away visiting my mother in law I got a new look. I had been thinking about getting box braids for awhile. I'm so glad I decided to get them. Here are some pics that I snapped during the braiding process, right after my appointment and the next day. I'll posts new pics as I change them up. I plan to pin them up in different styles. What do you guys think of my new look? Any style or maintenance recommendations?

Hubby checking me out.

box braids

box braids team natural

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  1. You look lovely. I just braided my own for the first time this past week. I love the versatility and convenience. :)

  2. I like the color and the length. I never had braids that long before- makes me want to. Looks good!

  3. Thank you ladies! I'm going to do a more detailed post about my salon adventure when I get back home. It was the most interesting day, haha!

  4. whoa! love it!! the color is on and they suit you so well!! gorge!!

  5. They are SO cute! You look fabulous!!

  6. Love the braids... but I couldn't see the first picture so well... and I did a little quick breath intake... glad that wasn't the final pic! :)

  7. Very good look on you. You look amazing!

  8. Gorgeous hair! Love it! It's a dramatic change and very stunning!

  9. I've always been a fan of box braids. People can say what they want but box braids, corn rows and micros never go out of style. It's all about how you wear them. Loving the color!

    1. Thank you! I agree it depends on how they're styled!


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