Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend Review

Summer is officially over. Womp. Womp. Unless you live somewhere that keeps the heat until mid October you're probably already getting some cooler temps already. I'm still in Georgia and I have been loving the cooler days. By cooler I mean anything below one hundred degrees. You can actually be outside during the evening. It's been amazing. 

I love Autumn. So the fact that I'm pretty much extending my summer with this move to the Lone Star State makes me kind of sad. It will get cooler there eventually. I can't wait. I even got the little one some fall boots today, so cute! Anyway, I spent my last weekend of the summer with my little family bouncing around Atlanta. We started off at the Imagine It! Children's Museum of Atlanta. We had a blast...until it got really busy. Even though I'm a Mom I still haven't gotten use to tons of kids running around. Places like Chuck E. Cheese still drive me nuts. 

I thought the museum was great. There were tons of activities for the kids to enjoy. I even enjoyed the live show that they put on. I would definitely go back. It was also great seeing some of our friends from our previous duty station one last time.

The Soldier, me, Sav, my teenage brother (Uncle Reege)

She made a little friend

Giving apples to Daddy

Going shopping

Going up the slide. Against the rules.

You can actually milk this cow. Educational but gross.

Everyone is ready to go

                                                          Closed eyes. She's giving someone the mean eye, LOL

After the museum we ventured over to Atlantic Station to meet up with some of our friends from college. They were in town on a couples trip to see some of the college football games over at the Georgia Dome. It was great to see them and have a little lunch. We ate at The Burger Joint (BGR). I had a delicious Greek burger. I highly recommend it. The lamb was cooked to perfection and all the toppings were super fresh. 

BGR Atlantic Station Lamb Burger

If you can believe it we went somewhere after lunch. I couldn't believe it either. Savannah seemed happy as a clam. At one point I asked her what she was doing in her stroller and she said, "shopping". We ended up at Lenox Mall. A place one should never go on a Saturday. Between all the football fans, black gay pride weekend and the local fashionistas I could not handle Lenox. Which really irritated me because I wanted to check out a couple stores while we were so close. We zipped inside a couple stores before calling it quits. I was done. I enjoyed my busy little weekend. How did everyone else spend their last weekend of the summer?

box braids bun
on our way home. happy.


  1. Looks like you guys had a blast :)

  2. You had a awesome Labor Day weekend!
    I love the pic with Savannah giving the side eye. She has that down!

  3. Looks like you had a blast! You have a beautiful family. And I agree completely: I avoid Lenox Mall on Saturday like the plague. If I absolutely have to go on a weekend, I make sure I'm there at 10 when the stores open, and run out of there when I'm done, LOL. That said, it really is a great, great place to shop during the week.

  4. We just went to a friends house. The weather wasn't so great. Glad you had fun. That burger looks good.

  5. We had a blast, thanks everyone!

  6. Addison loves Imagine It as well. I like you, can do without those places with tons of children running around especially when other parents act like it is an opportunity to let their kids run wild.

    Yes, Lenox on a Saturday has been ruined. You really have to go during the week if you really want to get some shopping done. Congrats on your new house

  7. My weekend was uber busy too! Yeah Lenox on Saturday is a whole lot! Savannah is a doll!


  8. Fun weekend! We still haven't gotten over to the Children's Museum in Atlanta. I've heard it's good.

    And that burger of yours...is that bleu cheese or feta? Hmmmm! Either one sounds SO GOOD!!!! :)

    1. You guys have to check out the museum!!! That's feta cheese on the burger and it was amazing!!!


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