Saturday, September 22, 2012

Stylish Saturday: The LB(lue)D

I absolutely love this shade of blue. It's so deep and bright. I found this dress for eleven bucks at a Gap Outlet store. The fit is perfect and the dress was so comfy.

We were out running some errands and I wanted to look pulled together but not overly done. Sometimes it's nice to look effortless. Like you're not trying so hard. I paired the dress with some natural colored flat sandals and my favorite fedora. It's so nice being reunited with all my accessories!

We are all unpacked and things are starting to feel more settled. Posts will be going back up like normal starting Monday. I know you missed me :-) Have a great weekend!

Blue GAP dress with brown belt

Dress - Gap Outlet
Shoes- Bakers
Belt - H&M
Fedora - Target

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  1. Girl, your hair is still going strong! Nice! Love that blue!!

  2. Thanks Ladies!

    Shani, it's funny that you say that about my hair because I will be taking them out tomorrow!! I need to do a post about my overall experience with them!

  3. Very pretty! I've been seeing this color paired with black in the fall fashion mags. I think you could rock that look, Tia!

    1. You think so? What would I wear over the dress, a denim jacket?

  4. loving the blue dress...looking forward to meeting you soon. There are some upcoming events that will be coming up here in San Antonio with SAFABB. Go here and become a member of the group on Meetup so that you are in the loop.

  5. I love that blue - so vibrant. I also think that hat is great on you.

  6. This blue looks so pretty on you!!


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