Saturday, September 1, 2012

Stylish Saturday: Printed Skirt

Happy Saturday chic people! We're headed to the Children's Museum in Atlanta today. Sav will be having a mini reunion with her girlfriends one last time before we head west. Speaking of heading west, we got a house last week!! Go us, Go us!! I'm so excited! We ended up getting the larger home on post. Love that. Thank you Jesus!

Now back to our fashion post...This skirt is everything. I found it at the outlet mall near my parents house. Gap was having a major sale. Forty percent off of the clearance prices, sounds good to me! This skirt was on clearance for $27.99. Sooo 40% off of that made it a great deal.

maxi skirt gap express fashion blogger style mom style

I paired the skirt with a see through knitted tank from Express. It was a steal I found during an online sale. The skirt and top together come up to about thirty bucks. Chic right?

box braids fashion blogger mom style gap skirt express top

An instagrammed close up of the skirt print.

Tank- Express
Skirt - Gap Outlet
Shoes- Toms - Nordstrom
Handbag - Michael KORS
Ear Rings - Mimi's Boutique

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  1. Yay!!! So happy to hear the great news about your housing! That is truly a blessing, and I'm sure you're breathing a happy sigh of relief :-)

  2. Great news! One less thing to worry about. Gorgeous skirt and love the up-do !!!

  3. Well I was at the outlet and I didn't see that skirt or else I would've scooped it up! You look pretty. Congrats on the house

    1. There were two left when I was there. Maybe someone else scooped up the other one, or worse, they "hid" it somewhere... That sale was pretty good!

  4. I LOVE that print! Thanks for sharing a close-up!

  5. Great skirt! What a score! Congrats on the house!

  6. I can see why you love this skirt -it's darling and SUCH a great deal! Hopping over from Fave Frock Friday. ~Sarah

  7. Great look! Love that skirt. ;)


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