Friday, December 28, 2012

Shoe Shopping tips for Little Boys

The best shoes and boots for your little boy

Kids go through shoes like nobody's business and replacing their footwear can be an expensive affair. With so much on offer, you can end up with countless pairs of shoes that your little chap is quickly going to grow out of. Shelling out to replace a full shoe wardrobe every six months isn't an option for the majority of us, so until the size of their feet stabilize, it's good to plan ahead and purchase key pairs that will cover all occasions. Here's some handy tips on what to look for when you're out to buy some shoes for your little boy:

A pair of trainers or boots for tearing about in - It's essential that you get a good pair of trainers as they offer casual comfort and are perfect to send them out to play in. Kids will love looking cool in their favourite trainers and they can really take a battering so you don't have to worry about wearing them out.  

Wellies for the wet weather - When you're sending them out into the rain or your little ones are about the embark on some muddy fun then wellies are a great choice as it means their other shoes stay pristine and that little legs won't suffer in the cold. It's no longer a challenge to get the kids to put their wellies on as there are so many designs on offer featuring their favourite cartoon characters or in fun colours. The challenge now is to actually get them back in to their smarter shoes! 

Smart shoes for school - They are an absolute essential but it used to be a real chore to find a pair of sensible shoes to send them to school in. As more and more styles seem to on offer for the boys, getting a great pair of hard-wearing school shoes has become a breeze.

So, with these three footwear favourites, you'll have a shoe wardrobe designed to deal with every eventuality. There are all kinds of boys shoes out there, so whatever his style is, just pick up the pairs he prefers and avoid spending money on countless shoes that won't last for long. 

*This post was brought to you by ASDA.

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