Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sleepless with Savannah

Welp. The good news is that we have made some progress. The not so good news is that she's still getting out of bed a few nights out of the week. I stopped rocking her sleep a couple weeks ago which means that she's not going to sleep as early as she once was. That irritates me a little. I like my time to watch tv and decompress. 

The nights that she has been sleeping all night have been giving me hope. I'm thinking that by the time baby number two gets here we might be okay. I've got to figure out what the missing piece to this sleep mystery is. I have already decided that I'm going to try not to make these same sleep mistakes with number two. I'm going to try anyway. At least Savannah is putting herself to sleep now. That's progress.

I know if I could get her from drinking right before bed that would help. Wetting the bed or having to go potty has been causing her to wake up too. There's always something. Has anyone else had luck getting their little ones to sleep since we last talked about our sleeping issues? 


  1. YOu are absolutely right with these positions!! LOL!!

    1. My daughter's favorite right now is "H is for Hell". It's killing me, LOL!

  2. No help! I need to get my child out of my bed! She waits until she's 3 to start acting a mess. SMH


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