Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Chic Bump Watch: Week 17

Why hello there second trimester. Savannah and I had a great trip to Atlanta and we're back in San Antonio. Not unpacked but we are getting settled back into our routine. I can officially say I am done with being sick. I only have sick episodes if I allow myself to get too hungry. Or if I eat chicken. Or smell chicken. Or even hear someone mention chicken. Thank goodness this is a written post and not a video. I can't even say the word without getting that weird feeling in my throat.

Anyway. I'm getting my stride back. If it wasn't for fatigue I'd feel practically normal. I'm not sure what my weight gain is at this point. During my last appointment I learned that I lost the three pounds I had gained. My next appointment is Monday so I'll see what the scale says then. We'll also learn the sex of the baby too. Very excited about that!!

I finally started wearing some of my maternity stuff. Just jeans for now. Welp. We're almost half way there now. Time flies when you're hovered over a toilet I guess. Here are some bump pics. Remember when I mentioned that thing about having a "special" uterus. Because of my "special" uterus I only carry my babies on my left side. If you look at the pics close enough you can see that one side of my bump is slightly larger than the other. I know, I know. You wish your uterus would do that too, right?


  1. Aww look at the little bump. So cute. I'm go glad to hear you're feeling better. I'm really not a fan of chicken either anymore.

  2. You are the cutest lil preg woman! Keep posting!

  3. Chicken was one of the few foods I could keep down during my pregnancies. Maybe, they're putting something different in the chicken now. Cutest baby bump ever! Glad you all have trip to GA and back.


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