Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Creating a Baby Registry for Baby Two

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! I had the pleasure of speaking at an event over the weekend. My topic covered shopping for your family on a budget. It was my first time speaking as a blogger and I really enjoyed it. Another activity I had the pleasure of doing was creating a baby registry for our baby boy. Initially I wasn't going to create a registry. Then after getting a couple calls from friends and family wanting to know about a registry I figured I should go ahead and do one.

I always thought that you weren't "suppose" to have a baby shower for your second baby. Especially if your two children are close in age. Then I realized that if people wanted to send some love to my baby who was I to keep him from being showered like his sister was. Even though I am not having a baby shower this time around I figured that a registry was still a good way to give our friends and family a guide to what we need if they wanted to send something.

We still have all of our baby gear from Sav so really the only thing that I registered for was diapers and wipes. You can never have too many of those in any size, right? I made it really simple and put all types of brands and sizes on there. Since some of you may need baby gear items for baby two here are the items we received at Savannah's shower that worked great. I would recommend these to my closest girl friend....

All three of these items are part of the Fisher Price Zen Collection. The high chair has some incredible features. It reclines, the tray is dishwasher safe and the soft cushion is machine washable. Loved this high chair!

 This swing was amazing. It plugs into the wall so you don't need batteries. The seat is removable so if baby falls asleep and you need to go to another room you can just pop the seat off and take the baby with you without touching the baby. Perfect.

 I have to be honest. Sav didn't care too much for this chair. I kept it because it was another seat that she could rest in while I was in the shower. It worked great for that. Hopefully her brother will like it a bit better than she did. I think there's only so much vibrations one can take. Whenever I get a pedicure I'm always trying to turn my chair off before they're finished, haha!

The travel system we went with was the Chicco Cortina Chic (which is a big coincidence. i wasn't even blogging back then.) I liked it okay. It performed its job fine. Sometimes I found it to be a bit large. Navigating through some tight spaces and aisles was a challenge. I did love the big storage basket and the cup holders on the handle. The snack tray on the front is removable so as your kid grows you can take the tray off if you'd like. Since my carseat hasn't expired we'll be using it again. Yes I know it has pink in it but it's pretty light. I honestly don't feel the need to purchase another travel system for such a temporary stage in his life. My husband doesn't care about me using it so I'm not going to worry about it either. Besides, he'll be getting worn in a carrier more than he'll be strolling. Sav will still be getting pushed in her "lite" stroller, and I am not even about that double stroller life so...

What were some of your favorite baby gear items? What was on your registry for baby two? For some reason I feel the need to state that this was not a sponsored post. These are actual items that we were gifted or purchased on our own. 


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    1. Thank you!! All of these products really performed well. I can't wait to use them with baby two!

  2. Can you share what carrier you will be using for baby 2? I have been debating a sit and stand stroller since my first will be 2 when our baby 2 arrives but I like your idea too. Thanks!

    1. Hi! I plan to use a Moby and the Ergo baby carrier. I used the Moby wrap with my daughter and I really loved it. The Ergo baby carrier was recommended to me by a friend and I'm excited to try it with our baby boy. I've heard great things about the sit and stand strollers. If I were in the market for a stroller I'd consider getting that kind. Congrats on baby two!

  3. Not even stroller with a rumble seat? lol If you still have the same color than that is perfect for a boy or girl. The registry is still a good idea. Glad the event went well.

    1. Thank you!! I was stressing over getting him a new travel system and selling this one. Then I got a grip and told myself to get over it, LOL!!


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