Friday, March 8, 2013

Maternity Style: Spring Looks

It's almost Spring! Yes. Finally. Honestly it never really got cold here in Texas but I am looking forward to warmer temps on a consistent basis. Maxi dresses were my go to looks during the warm months of my pregnancy with Savannah. Now that we're in Texas I'll need to expand on that since it will most likely be hot until I deliver. Hot is actually an understatement. It will be that kind of "sweat dripping" hot. Just to put things into perspective for you.

Here are some looks that I think would be perfect during Spring for expecting ladies.

Yumi dress

Springtime Maternity


maternity by maryte-manzano featuring a nail lacquer

I actually wore a look similar to this one a few weeks ago. Minus the distressed jean and flats, but you get where I'm going...

And one more inspiration look...

Fresh Spring/ Summer Look

Fresh Spring/ Summer Look by lindseystew85 featuring jessica simpson

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend! I'll be busy posting more things to eBay. Check out the "Sale" page in the top menu for a link to some of the things I've posted so far!


  1. Cute looks! Love that dress! Lovin the hair too. I wish I look that cute preggers!

    1. I'm sure you rocked your pregnancy!!!


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