Sunday, March 3, 2013

Stylish Saturday: Spring Haul & Baby Preparation

Alrighty. So here is a video of what I found during our first spring shopping trip. We went to a consignment store, Old Navy and TJ Maxx and Target. I'll include below of everything we got from TJ Maxx since it was mainly necessities for our baby boy. I feel like I've gotten a good start with both of them for Spring. I still have quite a bit of shopping to do. 

I also wanted to share everything that I found while going through Savannah's tubs. I was amazed at how much I'll be able to reuse. I'm very excited about passing these items down to him. Since I've been having some great luck selling Sav's things I plan to use that money to finish off both of their Spring and Summer wardrobe. My next plan of action is to do an inventory of what they have and then make a list of what I'd like them to have and anything else they need. 

half of the TJ Maxx finds

other half of TJ Maxx and his Old Navy finds

Onesies, PJs & Gowns hand me downs 

Jeans, Sweater & Denim jacket hand me downs


  1. Tons of cute clothes! I love the PeeDee onesie and sleeper... I didn't realize that you're a Pirate too!

    1. Hi Crystal!! Thank you! I am indeed an ECU Pirate!!!

  2. You are so organized and prepared! Such cute, tiny little clothes :-)


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