Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Hospital Bag Part I

This post feels a little premature but I'm going to write it anyway. Today at my doctor appointment my Doctor gave me all the information I needed to get started on my pre admission paper work. I can not believe that it's time to do that already. I'll be getting that started on Thursday when I go back for my NST (non-stress test). Being at the hospital two to three times a week is a lot but at least it keeps me on top of what I should be getting done.

After leaving my appointment I figured now was as good as time as any to start thinking about packing my bag for the hospital. What do I want to take? What did I take last time that I never used? That kind of thing. Right off the bat I remember packing makeup and never using it after I delivered Savannah. From what it looks like, there's no WiFi (where they do that at?) in the Labor & Delivery/Mother & Baby wing of the hospital. So unless I bring my own WiFi there's no need to bring a laptop. 

I don't know maybe I'm more a Low Maintenance Mama than I thought, but I just didn't use a lot of the recommended items that most lists have. I used the hospital gowns and the hospital mesh panties that they provided. I had previously read about how messy your own gown could get and I didn't see the point in buying one for the purpose of sitting in a hospital bed. I had also read that the mesh panties that they provide were more comfortable than regular panties if you're having a c-section. Since I'm a c-section Mama I figured I'd give their panties a try and bring some of my own just in case I didn't like the ones they provided. I have to say, they mesh panties were great right after surgery. I was very comfortable.

Here is a pin I found that has a pretty basic list of what I think is necessary for your trip to the hospital. I'll post my actual list with pics when I pack my bag. Was there anything you took to the hospital that you didn't use? What's an item that you're glad you had with you?

*The description on this pin was written by the original pinner.*


  1. I remember going over that list with a fine tooth comb for Emma and I when I had her! And I didnt use half the stuff either. I did bring my own gowns and I used them because they just made me feel more comfortable. I used their panties, which were okay until it was time to leave! I would probably just bring some for just in case purposes! But I brought all kinds of lotions and bubble bath for Emma but the hospital had Johnson & Johnson brand so I used that stuff and waited to use our own, same with Diapers they used Pampers which is what we were going to use so I was able to save a lot for later! The next baby I probably wont pack as much stuff as I did this time around. I didnt take a computer but I did take my Kindle at the time.

    1. My goal is to take as little as possible. I didn't use most of the stuff I took last time. I might bring a gown in case we have some unexpected visitors.


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