Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Guest Post: Cheaper by the Family

Cheaper by the family

One vs many 
Having a family to pay for isn’t always as expensive as you might initially presume. If you really think about it, there’s a huge amount of discount available if you aren’t going at it alone. Carrying the full burden of a mortgage, holidays and bills all adds up and single people spend more than  £250,000 over the course of their life than those who are a couple or family. 
In fact, there are heaps of occasions to note that charge more for singles than the 2 point 4 children package. Think about food; buy one get one free and bulk-buying etc are all specifically catered for a larger household. If you are the only one in your house, these offers would generally leave you with too much produce that you struggle to consume before the best by date. 
Holiday for, more than one...
This theory translates to the holiday option too. As many people are opting to stay on our own soil for their vacation getaways, there is an infinite amount of money to be saved, if you’re not going alone... 
There are the obvious savings like shared petrol expenses, kids go, or eat free options that are cropping up everywhere, family railcards and bulk ticket buying for all those activities, admissions and adventures. In fact, in this day and age, having a family is almost a money saving incentive! At least parents are being helped by the public, if from nowhere else. 
Here’s to having a family
As one of the top British holiday destinations, Blackpool has so much to offer for families of all ages. There’s Madame Tussauds, Blackpool Tower Dungeons, The Pleasure Beach, The Illuminations, Sea Life and much, much more. As even more of an incentive to go on holiday and save a fortune with your family, the AN in Blackpool as of the 2nd May 2013 have just launched Blackpool Resort Passes specifically designed for families to give discount access to some of  Blackpool’s top attractions. There’s heaps of add on options to enable you and your family the best catered package for the activities, travel and entertainment you require. 
You may be thinking what’s the catch and what about accommodation, that’s always expensive right? Wrong. You’re not going to believe your luck when we tell you that you even save money by having a family to bed and board. There are very cheap hotels in Blackpool from Travelodge which have family rooms for the same price as a double, unbelievable right!
 It’s definitely not looking good for all the singles out there, but it’s starting to sound like the universe is taking the side of the more the merrier and congratulating you for your family, enabling you to have and enjoy the cheap summer holiday that you all deserve. Who would have thought that having a family would actually save you money and allow you to go on holiday for a bargain and a half.

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