Sunday, May 26, 2013

What's your Mom Style?

Welp. Sorry fashionistas. This isn't a fashion post. I was thinking about those fun quizzes in magazines that I no longer have the time to take. If I were to take a quiz about my Mom style or personality what would my answers say about me? That got me to thinking. What is my Mom style or Mom personality?

In a nutshell. Here it is.

Way to Go! You're a "Regular" Mom!

And by "regular" we mean pretty awesome. You believe in play dates and routines. Eating veggies and occasional splashing during bath time. Bed time stories and consequences for broken rules. You think it's okay to stay up late every now and then. Eating from a drive-thru isn't necessarily your preference but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do and you don't beat yourself up about it. You may or may not constantly be behind on laundry. Hey. Everyone has that one task that they hate. Folding clothes just happens to be yours. Moms like you laugh more than they stress because you realize that most of the crazy in your house is temporary. You consider yourself a domestic diva but agree that you're not quite Martha Stewart. You may not be the craftiest of Moms but you can out-source and shop with the best of them! You believe that life experiences and family vacations are more important than expensive trends. Moms like you realize that perfection is over rated and boring. Most importantly, you relish in the time you have with your little ones because you know they won't be little forever. See. Being "regular" isn't so bad, right?

Haha, this was fun! What would one of those quizzes say about you? Do we have anything in common? Feel free to share your on description in the comments!

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