Thursday, June 13, 2013

30 Things: Describe a Typical Day For You...

A typical day for me is going to sound pretty boring. However, since I am pretty sure most Moms that stay at home have the same type of day I will try not to feel bad when I read every one else's post for this prompt. So. A typical day for Savannah and I goes a little something like this...

(Assuming that the day is completely free of Doctor's appointments)

7:00AM - Savannah wakes up. We head downstairs for breakfast. I turn the TV on nick jr. and we listen to Little Bill while we both make breakfast. She likes to help me cook. We sit and eat and talk about what we're going to do that day.

8:00AM- The kitchen is clean from breakfast and we head back upstairs to get dressed. She brushes her teeth then we pick out her clothes. I get in the shower while she plays with toys and watches Team Umizoomi on my bed. It normally takes me about forty minutes to get us both dressed. (depending on where we're headed)

9:00AM- We are headed to a play date, play group, dance, library or park. 

12:00PM - We arrive back at home for lunch (unless lunch was part of the outing. in that case we're still out riding around and soaking up the summer)

1:00PM - The kitchen is clean from lunch. Now it's time for an indoor quiet activity. She normally paints, colors, creates something with Play Doh or plays with a doll. This is her independent play time. During this time I clean, start a load of laundry and begin to cook dinner. 

2:00PM - We finish cooking dinner together. At this point in the day we normally head to her room and read a couple books before I start doing some teaching. Lately, we've been working on her numbers so we'll sing number songs or read books that reinforce counting. For some reason she can identify numbers but she just doesn't like to count. I'm pretty sure she got that from me.

3:30PM - I fold and put away clothes and do any prep that needs to be done for the next day. We clean up the toys and books in her room and we head back downstairs.

4:30PM - My husband gets home from work. He changes out of his uniform while Savannah gives him a play by play of what happened today. I start setting the table while my husband gives me a play by play of what happened to him today.

5:00PM - We eat dinner and I tell my husband my version of what happened that day. There's a lot of talking at dinner.

6:30PM - My husband packs his lunch for work the next day and he cleans the kitchen. Savannah and I head upstairs for bath time. 

7:00PM - I turn on nick jr. and Savannah gets her TV time before bedtime. I take a shower and get ready for bed. By 7:45 (8:00 at the latest) Savannah is asleep. My husband puts her in her bed. 

8:00PM I enjoy some TV and time with my husband before falling asleep around ten. 

See. Nothing too glamourous but it is a typical day for us.

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  1. That's a full day..I need to plan some play dates for my soon too while im home!! Love that there's lots is talking at dinner time...that's how it should be!!

    1. Play dates make the day go by so much faster. They also keep me from feeling bad about the lack of play time she has since we're at the Dr so much lately. Baby Pancakes would love them!

  2. Your day isn't boring at all! It's full of quality!

    I noticed there was no nap for the little one -- is she done with naps? My four-year-old still needs them to NOT have a crazy meltdown by 5:00 PM!

    1. She's done with naps. I miss having that break during the day but at the same time I like our schedule.

  3. I don't know how people think SAHM don't WORK! And NO naps?? But your schedule seems to flow well...GOOD JOB

  4. I am a little jealous. I couldn't do one of these posts if I tried. Every day is different depending on what I have to do. Sometimes I crave routine, this seems very productive. One of my goals is to get dinner on the table earlier. Right now we don't eat until around 7


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