Sunday, June 9, 2013

30 Things: My 5 Passions...

In an attempt to really think about my passions I am going to exclude my husband and children from this list. Of course I am passionate about them but I don't feel the need to keep repeating that over and over. So after some thought, my five passions are...

1. Cooking - I love trying new recipes and cuisines at home. 

2. Writing - This blog and everything that has come from it has been so fulfilling.

3. Music - I love all kinds of music. I don't play any instruments but I could listen to music all day.

4. Fitness - As I've said before I am not a super healthy eater or gym rat but I do love to be in shape. 

5. Travel -Since we're constantly moving it's been tough to travel but I am looking forward to seeing more of the world. It's always nice to get a taste of different cultures and I can't wait to expose my children to that. 


  1. I love all of these as well! Some more than others. I'm pretty sure cooking would be a bit farther down on my list. Especially these days ;)

    1. I love cooking but I def have to be in the mood. Cooking when you're tired is no fun, LOL!

  2. Gosh if I could have a job where traveling is involved would be heaven!!

    1. Wouldn't it be nice? I would love to have that experience while my kids are still little.


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