Monday, June 24, 2013

Baby Boy's Birth Story Part I

Now that I've had a week to let everything sink in I thought today would be a great day to share baby M's birth story. On June 14 I went in to the hospital for one of my Non Stress Test. After my testing time was up I was given a BPP (bio physical profile) which was completely normal for me. A BPP is an ultrasound where the tech or doctor looks for different movements, breathing activity and measures  your fluid. Since I had gotten lots of these done during my pregnancy I was just going through the motions like I always do. 

Savannah and I were discussing what we were going to eat for lunch after I was done at the hospital. She had decided that she wanted Chick Fil-A. It wasn't until my actual Doctor came in the room that things started to concern me a little. She rarely ever comes in to speak to me after I've had a BPP. I figured since we were so close to my c-section date that maybe she was going to tell me I could skip testing next week. I was wrong. 

My Doctor was coming in to tell me that my fluid was extremely low. I had just had my fluid checked on that Tuesday (three days before) and everything was perfect. Apparently your fluid can leak and you  wouldn't necessarily know. I had no idea. And of course since I was already high risk with a septum in my uterus and a sensitive area from a previous ectopic pregnancy the only safe choice for the baby was to deliver him early. I was bummed and terrified. My Doctor told me that once your fluid leaks that it could do damage to your umbilical cord and could bring about a host of other problems. 

It was about two o' clock in the afternoon when I called my husband at work to give him the news. I'm pretty sure he flew to the hospital because he got there so fast. He took Sav to lunch and home to pack an overnight bag for her. My family wasn't scheduled to be in town until baby M's original birth date. We had to find someone to watch Savannah for the night. Luckily, all of my early planning paid off and everything for my husband and I was ready to go.

The hospital thought it would be a good idea to have someone from the NICU come in to speak with me because I was delivering early. Babies born at about thirty five weeks normally spend some time in the NICU. The Doctor said that breathing for these babies can be tough. This scared the crap out of me. I did NOT want him to go to the NICU. Then again, I didn't want him being born early. It was all happening very fast. It was very overwhelming. 

As soon as my husband got back to the hospital he scrubbed up. We went back into the operating room a little after four o' clock. The anesthesiologist did my spinal block/epidural. The room was freezing. My blood pressure kept rising and I was offered something to help with the anxiety. I passed on that offering. After everything was numb and I was in position the entire OR staff entered the room along with my husband. 

It is a very weird experience being cut open while still being awake. You can feel them pulling and tugging. There's lots of pressure on your chest and abdomen. During my c-section with Savannah the Doctors told me what was going on step by step. The set of Doctors I had this go around decided to discuss current events. I was cool with that. My husband was holding my hand and talking to me the whole time. At exactly five o' five I gave birth to a handsome little boy that looks just like his Dad.  C-sections are quick. If there are no complications you get in and out of there in no time.

Baby M's cry was so strong. After a few minutes the NICU Doctor came over to me and said, "We're sending your baby to your room. His breathing is strong. He's perfect." Music to my ears. Isn't God incredible? I may not have a normal size uterus. I may only have one fallopian tube. I may have had a previous ectopic pregnancy. Despite all of those things I have still been able to bring two very healthy babies in to this world. My tiny little ones remind me that anything is possible and that all of our steps have already been ordered. Our paths may not be what we'd like and we will definitely meet our share of challenges but if we are faithful every thing will work out for our good. 

We were wheeled into the recovery room where we spent the next two hours. I love it that your baby stays with you through out the entire birth experience now. I will share more on our hospital stay, coming home and getting started with breastfeeding later. Thank you for all of the well wishes!


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