Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Video Diary 7172013

Here is another entry for my video diary. Please be gentle with your comments. I attempted to cook and do this video at the same time. I almost didn't post this video for very ridiculous and shallow reasons but then I reminded myself that I just had a baby and I got over myself.

Oh. And if you've ever wondered what a kitchen looks like in military housing here it is. Florescent overhead lighting, gotta love that! Other than that this is probably the "best" kitchen we've had on a military installation. It's actually pretty spacious compared to what we've had at other duty stations.


  1. That's the good thing about blogging. You can always find someone to relate when you cant with your friends at home. But bravo on the multitasking. I am impressed. That is what I call a CHIC SAHM and Vlog!! Looking forward to everything.

    1. Thank you!!! You know I'm going to ask you to be a guest on the radio show, right?


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