Monday, August 12, 2013

Chic Gadget: The Fitbit One

Whew. First let's talk about smack down beat down tired I am. As you know I've been trying to workout and get in shape by my Flirty 30 (that's how I'll be referring to my birthday from here on out). Between the lack of sleep at night and living my life during the day this Mama is beat down. 

Anyway. You might recall that I had the opportunity to review the Fitbit One. (I spoke briefly about it in this YouTube vlog) The Fitbit tracks your steps, distance, stairs climbed and calories burned. It also tracks your sleep. You can sync to your computer or smartphone using BlueTooth. What I loved most about the Fitbit is that you can use the free app to track your meals, goals, weigh loss and water intake. You can even connect with friends. 

I absolutely loved it for tracking my activity and calories burned. It was also pretty cool to see how many calories I had consumed and how much water I was REALLY drinking in a day.


I didn't use the Fitbit to track my sleep. I'm pretty sure that feature is incredible but with a newborn in the house I knew the Fitbit would tell me that I suck at getting rest. No need to kick me when I'm down so I opted not to use it to track my sleep. Other than that I have nothing but love for this device. It's a great motivator. It's small enough to snap on to a bra or tank top strap. It also comes with an arm band if that's your thing. Has anyone tried the Fitbit?

*I received a sample product for this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. I LOVE my fitbit. I'm a lil obsessed actually.

    1. I LOVE it!!! I really like the way it syncs with your phone, so cool!


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