Wednesday, August 21, 2013

PreSchool at Home: Finger Paint Flashcards

We have officially started adding more hands on activities to our routine. We have always played learning games and read books but I wanted to start introducing Savannah to Pre-K skills. I want to make sure she can hold a pencil, use scissors properly and listen to instructions for activities.

Today I thought it would be fun for her to make some number "cards". I have been collecting paper bags from the grocery store so we used that to make our cards. I cut down the center of one side to make to strips of paper.

I then cut the bottom of the bag off to make a paint holder. Save the rest of your bag for another activity later.

I then cut the two strips into six squares or "cards".

As we went through the numbers I wrote the number out. I then showed her how to write the numerical version of the number. Then it was her turn to write the number. For the tougher numbers I made dots and had her connect them.

On the other side of the card I wrote the number out again and had her paint the appropriate number of dots on the card.

She used the left over paint to make a picture. She enjoyed herself. Today we made cards for numbers one through six. We'll work with these cards by placing them around the house. When she sees a card I'll have her do one of the following things:
-Count up to that number.
-Count as high as she can starting from that number.
-Tell me what comes before and after the number.

From what I've read it is important to have children prepared to work with numbers one through twenty before they start kindergarten. What do you think of this activity? 


  1. I love this!! I am paying extra close attention since we have kids the same age. My son knows his numbers and traces them, but I love the painting idea. He would have a blast doing that. Thanks for this!

    1. You're Welcome! I'm glad you like it! I was trying to find a fun way to do numbers. My daughter is stronger in her letters and really needs to focus more on numbers/counting. I'm hoping making it more art related (since she loves painting and coloring) will help her get her numbers down.

  2. What a great idea! I wish I had known this when my kids were little. I guess I will just have to save it for future grandkids! Or... you know when I paint?! LOL Great blog!

  3. I love the idea of what comes before and after the number. Great higher level thinking! Also counting up from the number... that's hard to do. Way to go, Mom!


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