Wednesday, September 25, 2013

San Antonio: PB & J Kids Shop

Last week I had the opportunity to check out a brand new kids shop in San Antonio. PB & J Kids is located in The Alley on Bitters and it's the cutest kids store I've visited in a long time. The owners are a sweet married couple who initially started the store because they wanted to sell crafts. After doing a little research they added baby and children's items to their store and PB & J Kids was born.

I absolutely loved that the store had an area for kids to play. What I liked even better was that because of the intimate size of the store you could actually take a look at everything while your kid played. 

There were so many cute things to see. I really loved the knitted hats and leggings hanging from the clothing pins.

PB & J is also the only store in San Antonio that carries the Lollacup that became famous on the tv show Shark Tank. See them on the middle shelf in the yellow box...

I personally loved these hot pink leggings with the leaf detail. So cute...

PB & J had tons of novelty toys and gifts. I loved the one of a kind bibs and toy airplanes...

 Here are the bibs. The owner is a retired Air Forch pilot. This "Captain" bib was my favorite of them all...

All of the bloggers enjoyed yummy snacks and we each took home one of these floral gift bags...

If you live in San Antonio be sure to check out PB & J Kids. Happy Shopping!!!


  1. Looks like my kind of shop. I enjoy smaller shops with one of kind pieces that you can't really buy anywhere else.

    1. Me too! This place was really cool!

  2. I love shopping in little shops like this. It makes it a little bit more personal and they do have some really cute stuff. I was looking at the soft body dolls. Madison is now into dolls so she would really appreciate it.

    1. The dolls were so precious! Madison would love one!

  3. I've never heard of this, but what a cute shop. Lately I've found myself straying more away from the corporate Wal-Marts towards more cozy mom and pop kind of shops. They remind me of the good ole days before every street corner had a Target and and Starbucks...


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