Thursday, November 28, 2013

Ask Away Friday

This week I'm linking up with the uber Fab Wendy from Effie Girl! I had a blast answering her questions. Be sure to swing by her blog and read the answers she had for me. Wendy blogs about jewelry, DIY projects, RAW food and beauty products. LOVE!

Here are the questions she had for me...

1. Many of us eat light, or have a big breakfast before the big feasting ahead.  What is your typical Thanksgiving breakfast? 
I don't think I have a typical Thanksgiving breakfast. I'd say I'm a lighter eater that morning for sure.

2. What was your very first blog spot about, and what was your expectation?

My very first post was an introduction to what I thought it meant to be a Chic SAHM. Back then I think I actually wrote more. Now I think I talk to my readers versus writing for them if that makes any sense. I miss my older posts. I should start sharing them on twitter or something.

3. In watching the GREAT video with your husband, I know you "don't" want to be "voted most like any Atlanta Housewife", but which RHW do you think you are most like? 
Aww, thanks for checking out the video! honestly can not think of one RHW that I'm similar to. Some of them have an ambition that I can relate to but I don't think I see "Tia" in any of them. I do love NeNe. I think she's hilarious. If anything, we share the same sense of humor. 

4. You've tricked your husband into thinking your taller than 5'4" (haha, too funny), how high of a heel do you where on a normal 'chic' day?
Four inches at least…

5. Siblings at times have issues with new babies coming home. Did Savannah have any 'issues' when Baby M first came home?  Or soon after?  
Savannah has been such a great big sister. We didn't experience any of the horror stories or transition periods that you hear about. Thank goodness. She's going through her normal crazy 3s but I think she would have unleashed that on us without a sibling.

6. How many F2FF's have you done, and link your favorite one. (Could be by you, or anyone that joined the link-up.) 
Hmmm. I'm not sure how many Face to Face Fridays I've done. That link up didn't really take off that way that I'd hoped. I'm going to keep it around. I've got plans for a revival. I always enjoyed watching Yaya White's videos. She's a Mom of four who recently gave birth at home to a sweet baby boy. Yaya is a super Mom and a nurse. She's pretty much incredible. Check her out.

7. With the letters in  your name "TIA", use each letter to describe yourself. 
Timeless style. Intelligent. Ambitious.

8. What inspires you, to 'be'?
Trying to live a better life by remaining positive is inspiring to me. I am learning  to cast my cares on God and that has been totally freeing. The more my relationship grows with Him the more I am inspired to 'be'.

9. When do you put your Christmas decorations up?
Thanksgiving night. Sometimes I get excited and put them up before but normally it's Thanksgiving night.

10. Do you do anything for New Year's Eve to celebrate into the New Year?
Before we had kids we'd stay up and watch the ball drop or go to a house party. Now that we're parents we never make it to midnight. We ring in the New Year by getting those much needed REMs.

Oh. And I will be giving you all a recap of my Thanksgiving. I have family in town and I haven't been able to blog much this week. Be prepared for a "Tia Overdose" this coming week. I know you love it!

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  1. We don't stay up for the New Year either, unless we have a kid that can not sleep. Other than that we are sleep before midnight. Great post about being a chic mom.

  2. Cant wait to read the Thanksgiving Recap! Yeah I agree its totally different when bringing in the new year with kids! We took naps last year to make it! LOL!! Emma was sleep and didn't budge when I tried to tell her Happy New Year! HA!

  3. Timeless. Intelligent. Ambitious. I love it! We too start decorating on Thanksgiving Day

  4. Aw, Tia. Such great answers! I am wondering how my son will react in 8 months when we have a new baby in the house! He will be 27 months around that time. I guess I will see. I plan to tandem nurse if he still wants to nurse so I think that could help the transition process and not make him feel left out or replaced. :)

  5. Well, you and I have been busy with our holiday weekend.
    Our New Year's are nothing exciting either. Hubster usually falls asleep while I'm watching the ball drop, flipping through channels because that gets boring. Haha.
    Great answers to my questions and it was a pleasure doing Q&A with you!

  6. Loved your questions and answers. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  7. Hey Tia! You have such great answers! I really want to do a F2FF soon, but I can't seem to get it together with YouTube. Something always comes up that interrupts blogging and creating videos, it seems. I'm gonna get it together soon. I love Yaya, too! You and Yaya both inspire me so much!

    Last year was such a struggle to stay up until midnight, lol. This year if Jj is sleeping, we will all be turned in :)

  8. Awesome answers! I never had to deal with the sibling rivalry with my 3 either, at least not until they got older. LOL! We actually did the gift thing...we let the older sibling pick out a gift for the new baby and the older sibling got a gift from the baby. Their ages are 11, 14, & 20, now it is just the 11 and 14 yr old that fight, but they won't allow anyone else to mess with the other. And the oldest just protects the younger ones.Hope you have a great week!

  9. I love the letters of your name question. That was good!


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