Monday, December 2, 2013

A Chic Thanksgiving: The Recap

Well. Well. Well. It is Monday night and I honestly don't think I have fully recovered from Thanksgiving. Talk about tired. Girl, I am tie-yurd. I had a great time cooking dinner and hosting Thanksgiving this year. We even had our guests over again to eat leftovers. Here are pics of some of my dishes. 

sweet potato pie with streusel topping

squash casserole 
turkey stuffed with lemon, garlic and onion. marinated over night. it was delicious.

cornbread stuffing

mac n cheese

sweet potatoes. ran out of time to do the casserole.

fried corn

chewy cake

green beans

Sav after dinner…

Sorry I didn't get pics of the banana pudding or potato salad. It was all so yummy and we had a great dinner. How was your Thanksgiving?


  1. You threw it down. Is it too late for that mac and streusel topped pie?

  2. Do you need my address so you can send me some leftovers. LOL

    No, but seriously...

  3. LOL...look at Savannah...I felt the same way afterwards!! HA!!! It all looks so good!!!


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