Sunday, December 15, 2013

BEYONCÉ: My Thoughts & Funny Reactions


Well. I'm sure you are all aware by now that Beyonce has released an album. I woke up Thursday morning to nurse a crying baby and figure out why my phone was blowing up. A friend of mine was informing me that Beyonce had released an album super sleuth style while I was getting my beauty rest.

Once I finished feeding babyM I pulled up iTunes and started checking out snippets of the songs and videos. Being the big Bey fan that I am I was beyond excited. After downloading the album and giving it a good listen (all day) I have to say that I love it. I love the unapologetic, raunchy and grown-up lyrics on this album. You can tell she really is more confident in who she is and I am here for it. All of it.

I have always enjoyed music that called for a little booty tooching, she gives you that. I have always enjoyed music that makes you feel or think about something, she gives you that. And lastly, I have always enjoyed learning about my favorite artists through each album. Done. 

Now. I completely understand that many people are not here for her music. Many people don't like it or they simply don't get her. That's fine. This post isn't for you. All I can say is that I am happy to have new music from her and if she offers a another tour date in a Texas city near me my behind will be there. I don't care if I have to go with a baby strapped to my chest, LOL! I'm in there! 

Another great thing about her album release was the internet reaction. Here is a (long) round-up of the memes that made me laugh, enjoy!


Did y'all like these? I thought they were hilarious and sadly some of them are probably true, LOL!! I know my friends and I can relate to the Shanaynay meme. Anytime I hear someone say they don't like her I'm like, "Wait, what?" Very funny! Anyone else get the album? What were your thoughts? I think the album comes out in stores on December 21. I'll be getting a copy for my car too!

Beyonce's Surprise Album Trending Towards No. 1 on Billboard 200 | Billboard


  1. Those memes were hilarious! I didn't even know anything about Beyonce's album drop until I saw Chescaleigh's G+ chat with Crissle and she went bonkers. I was like "huh...wha?? Okay." I love Beyonce too, but I'm not busting out in tears over her releasing an album. Maybe over tickets to her concert. Now that's a whole different story.

    Tenns @ New Mama Diaries

    1. Haha! Yes tickets to a concert (good seats at that) might make me shed a tear or two!

  2. LMAAAAAOOOOO! That throw Blue Ivy in the ocean one and delete the Bible one are HILARIOUS! I love the album as well and I am praying she comes back around on tour again next year to do these new tracks! I would be right there....AGAIN!

  3. I'm so slow, I had no idea this even happened. I'm not a huge celebrity follower. Or Beyonce fan. I know, I know, don't hurt me please! She's got some great hits, no doubt, but I'm starting to lose interest in R&B and Hip-Hop these days. Same stuff, different artist.

    I do like the Scandal and second to the last meme though. Too funny!

  4. Man I so NEEDED a laugh today and that HollyWoodKurt has me over here in tears! LMAO!!!!! And that deleting the Bible...yeah anyone who did that is DEAD wrong...LOL!!!! HILARIOUS!!!!!


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