Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Preschool at Home: Christmas Crafts

It has been really hard staying on our learning schedule with family in town. We have always used workbooks but I have a new appreciation for them now. When I don't have time or the opportunity to do full blown lessons with her it's great to whip out one of these workbooks. We can do a couple pages in a few minutes. I like that because it keeps us from totally abandoning our learning efforts while we have so much going on at home.

We normally always do some type of learning lesson before we start our craft. Today we did the workbook before moving on to some fun Christmas crafts.

I found a pin on Pinterest that used popsicle sticks to make ornaments. I found these colorful sticks at the Dollar Tree and we used super glue to make them hold their shape. She decorated them with glitter after they dried.

I also thought it would be fun to make a Rudolph face. For this quick and easy craft we used a paper plate, eyes, puffy ball (for nose) and pipe cleaners. I also used a hole punch to make the holes for the "antlers" but you don't have to. The pipe cleaners should poke right thru the plate. Savannah curved the cleaner in a U shape before I poked it thru the plate. Rudolph's smile came out pretty nice. 

Once we were done I felt like our face didn't look like a reindeer. I grabbed a brown marker and filled his face in. It made him look so much better. I would recommend wrapping your plate with a paper bag or painting your entire plate brown if you decide to do this. Hindsight being 20/20 I guess I could have cut off the white edge. Maybe next time (LOL)...

What kind of crafts have you been doing with your little ones to get into the holiday spirit?


  1. I have a question for you? How long do you keep the crafts your daughter makes? My son who is five does not want me to get rid of his crafts. I have to sneak and put them in the recycling. Right now we have about 10 Thanksgiving feast craft plates and he still wants to make more, but we ran out of cotton balls.

    1. I keep them for the season. I use them as decoration. :-) If it's something really cool or special I'll save it somewhere out of her reach.

    2. Right now making Thanksgiving feast plates from the Nov. issue of High Five is his favorite craft. We bought more cotton balls today so he was back at it making more plates of drums sticks, mashed potatoes, and peas. I'm going to have a find a cool Christmas craft for him to try, I'll see if he likes the reindeer craft. We'll have to go to the craft store and get some pipe cleaners.

  2. These are some cute ideas. I just bought JR a holiday coloring book. He scribbles and tries to take my crayons when I try to color next to him. I still have to watch him closely because he will attempt to put it by his mouth or rub it on his clothes lol.

  3. You are like the real-deal home school mom. LOL I love, love it. I am slowly working on getting ours in order. you are inspiring me.

  4. Love the reindeer! I might have to give this one a go with Jasmine. Completely in awe with your mad teaching skills. Are you sure you don't have a degree in childhood education?

  5. Cute crafts! I wish I could be this disciplined as an at home dad with a soon to be 3yo. This SAHD is craft impaired.


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