Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ask Away Friday w/ Drea from So She Writes by Miss Dre

So excited to be kicking off the first Ask Away Friday of the year with the lovely Drea from So She Writes by Miss Dre. I love her blog and I've been following it for a long time. She writes about all things beauty, fashion and mommy hood. Love it. Her style, beauty and fashion sense is amazing. She also writes about music and will have you on iTunes spending all your spare change to create the perfect playlist.  I am always reminded about songs or albums I haven't listened to in a while after visiting her blog. 

As you know Ask Away Friday is a link-up hosted by Penny from The Real Housewife of Caroline County.

And here are Drea's questions for me...

1. Congrats to you and hubby celebrating 8 years of marriage! If you could give a newlywed woman a bit of marital advice, what would it be?

Gee. I would tell her to make sure she has a life full of hobbies and friends outside of her marriage, keep family and friends out of the personal aspects of her marriage and let your man be a man. And remember teamwork makes the dream work!

2. What TV couple (past or present) remind you most of you and your husband? Why?

I would say it's a tie between Martin and Gina and Dwayne Wayne and Whitley Gilbert. We have that comedic chemistry that Martin and Gina have but at the same time we're still very much like the college kids who met years ago. Just smarter.

One of my favorite episodes of Martin...

3. Savannah and MJ have a sitter for the night, so at the spur of the moment you and hubby now have a date night. What are you wearing? What color lips are you rocking? How are you wearing your hair?

Hmmm. At the spur of the moment I'd probably reach for my go-to best fitting jeans, a sheer loose fitting black blouse, either black heels or booties and gold hoop ear rings. I'd without a doubt have a red lip and my hair would probably be either in a top knot if my hair happens to be straight or in a wash n go if it's curly.

4. I always ask this question: If your life had a soundtrack, what would be the top three songs?

Right now I'm going to have to go with Beyonce's 'Grown Woman', Prince's 'Pop Life' and Sounds of Blackness 'Black Butterfly'. There are so many songs that make up the soundtrack to my life but those are the first three that come to mind.

5. Tell me one thing about yourself you've never shared on your blog.

Something that I haven't shared here is that in the fourth grade I broke my femur bone and I was in a body cast for the whole school year. I had to be home schooled. Luckily, my fourth grade teacher, Ms. Jane Timmerman, volunteered to come to my house everyday after school to teach me. I will never forget that. 

6. What are three wardrobe staples you feel every Chic SAHM should own?

A great pair of jeans that fit perfect, a nice white blouse and leopard flats. (Leopard flats go with literally everything.)

7. Last week we talked briefly about "Flirty30" and checking out Vegas. What is one thing you would like to do or accomplish before turning 30?

Gee. Since I turn 30 next month…I think one thing I'd like to accomplish is making the gym/working out a part of my regular routine. If I can do that I'll be pretty happy with myself.

8. You talk about fitness and being a part of #TeamSnapBack often here. What motivates you to keep working out-- even on the days you just don't "feel" like it?

Honestly. The fact that I plan to wear a leather mini skirt next month motivates me. Cause less face it…That mini skirt is still going to be a mini whether I'm a mini or not. 

9. I smiled when I saw you were a Carolina girl, too. When you were here, where were your favorite places to shop and dine?

I am from Charlotte. Almost all of the malls in Charlotte were pretty decent. The city has grown so much since I last lived there. Some of my favorite places to eat don't even exist anymore but just in case I have some QC residents reading this I loved Pancho & Lefty's and Midtown Sundries.

10. I read on your blog that the four years you spent in DC really shaped you to become "your true self." What is the greatest life lesson you learned while out in the District?

The greatest thing that I learned there is to be yourself. I got to meet and work with people from all over the world there. It was great and I'm still really good friends with many of them. DC taught me to be open to new opportunities and to always hustle hard for the things I want. I might be a stay at home mom now but I still have a hustler's spirit.

I had a great time swapping questions with Drea. Be sure to stop by her blog to see the questions that I had for her!


  1. I so love your marriage advice!! I think that having hobbies and having friends outside of marriage can make sane and keep me grounded too. Ahaha :D

    1. Thank you!!! So much goes into being married but that's the first few things that came to mind!

  2. Good Advice on Marriage!!! And your celebrity couples...I like them! I dont know who I would pick! LOL!! Probably Rev Run and Justine (Hip Hop and Christ) LOL!!!

    1. Thank you!!! I like Rev Run and Justine!!

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  4. When I asked you question #2, I just felt in my heart you would say Whitley and Dwayne lol. I don't know why. I guess because I was picturing that Whitley Gilbert impersonation you talked about up here before. And I love your marriage advice--especially the bit about keeping family and friends out of your personal business. People just don't understand how important it is to keep your biz in the house!

    Love love love your song choices!!! I have "Pop Life" on a playlist right now!

    I loved reading all of your answers and getting to know you better, Tia. I see that hustler's spirit in you and that's something I see in myself also. Can't wait to see what 2014 has in store for you, love :)

    1. It was so much fun swapping with you! Girl, I love Prince! That songs reminds me to put everything in perspective.

      Thank you so much! Wishing you all the best in 2014!

  5. Whoa! Drea's questions were on point and so were your answers. Gina and Martin are definitely my husband and I. People even joke that we resemble.

    1. I loved her questions!!! Martin and Gina are so funny, great couple!

  6. I love your tv show couples answer, two great tv couples.
    LOL..I'm cracking up at "that mini skirt will still be mini whether I'm mini or not"

  7. What great answers! The marriage advice is so true and I love your outfit idea for the spur of the moment date! Thanks for linking up!


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