Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What I Hate About SAHMs...

Like any job there are things that you like and there are things that you don't. I already shared one thing that I can't stand about this job. I said I would be back with more and here I am. Let's be real. No one likes everything about what they do for a living. SAHMs are no different. It's okay to say that you might hate the fact that there is always going to be that one Mom that makes you feel inadequate.

Just like that rock star at a traditional job that's always getting all the bonuses and certificates. This Mom is always dressed to a tee. Her makeup is done. Her hair is done. She's been to the gym. Her family is eating a super healthy organic paleo diet. This lady has like four kids and they all look like little GAP ad models. Of course they speak two different languages, can write their names, read, count and recite the Declaration of Independence. Did I mention that they were all three. Quadruplets. All potty trained. 

Yep. She's the Mom that makes the rest of us look bad. But we allow it. We allow what other women are doing with children that we don't even really know to somehow make us feel less than. I hate that about this job. Sometimes the pressure to win the Mommy Olympics is too much. 

The pressure. The pressure to have it all together everyday. It's so unrealistic. After all, don't people have a bad day at their traditional jobs? I know I did. 


  1. lol! ...at that last sentence.

    i used to feel like that when my college girls were younger. i had a close friend like that...so imagine seeing her and her child everday...neat as a pin and house spotless.

    girl, but one day she told me two things that changed everything... the first was she said that her mom told her "if you do nothing else, get dressed and dress your child even if that's all you do all day" well, that explained that.

    and second, one day i stopped by and looked in her oven and it had dirty pots in it. i said girl what is this...she laughed and said well, my secret is out!

    and btw, you always look fabulous!

    1. Aww thanks! I try to pull it together sometimes. There is the possibility that you might run into me on a random day at the grocery store and I'll look a mess, LOL! Just being honest… Why haven't I ever thought about dirty pots in the oven.. Oh, that's right, because I'm the kind of girl that would forget that they are in there and start preheating the oven to cook, LOL!

  2. Girl, I have recently come to the conclusion that I just cannot do it all. Now I'm juggling packing up an entire apartment by myself with a two year old in tow (Mr. A has been living in Raleigh since December and working his new job).Making sure our living/moving arrangements are solid. Taking care of all my mommy duties. Blogging. And now working (I am loving my job). Still trying to finish with this book and get it published.

    Some days we don't even leave the house. And I'm okay with that, because like you, I'm not in this for the Olympics. I'm not competing against anyone. I want to do what is best for my family, and if that means we stay in our PJ's all day while mommy gets some work done, I can live with that. Family comes first. All that silly competition stuff is for girls. We are too grown for that silliness.

    1. Oh yes! There are days when we don't leave the house too. I have to have those down days. Trust me, I know how hard moving can be. It's not easy. Especially with a little one. I don't know when we'll be moving again but I'm already bracing myself for the craziness, LOL!

  3. I dropped out of the Mommy Olympics a long time ago. I know some moms appear to have it all together, but who knows the craziness they go through behind closed doors? I don't need that stress in my life. I just focus on doing the best that I can and doing what works for me and mine.

  4. This resonated! Ugh...how I feel at preschool drop off...
    But alas! You are your only competition. I try to remember that whenever I start to dislike my "job"


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