Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My "Wayment" Moment...

Today I was trying to do Savannah's hair while she having a picnic with a headless Princess Tiana and Peppa Pig. She kept moving and squirming and serving sandwiches and I became frustrated. Doesn't she know she has dance tonight? I have to get her hair done before we run errands and start dinner. She needs to sit still I kept thinking (and repeating over and over again).

While I was cooking dinner I decided to start researching some half day programs. My baby girl will be four this year. As I was seasoning ribs, talking on the phone to the preschool lady and listening to the baby cry Savannah kept asking me to blow up some balloons for her. "Can't you see I'm on the phone?", I thought.

After I got off the phone I started blowing up balloons. She was so happy. Twirling and playing as if she was seeing a balloon for the first time. That's when it hit me…

Wayment…[Pronounced: way•mint] 1. the act of saying, "wait a minute…" in a hurried fashion.

She will be starting school next school year. This is my last year having her home with me all day. This is it. She's going to be at school. With a teacher. In class. All day. My baby will be gone… at least from eight to twelve anyway, LOL!


I am sharing this because it made me realize that maybe we take our kids for granted sometimes. It occurred to me to day that I am guilty of this. I have been letting her 3s work all my nerves lately. All of them. It has caused me not to truly enjoy the little moments. I should have been enjoying that picnic with her but I was too busy letting my frustrations get the best of me.

Can anyone else relate to this? Have you had a 'wayment' or aha moment lately?


  1. *Raises hand* I have been very short with Addison lately and mostly because she talks non stop. I have to remind myself often that she is only 3 and is just curious. Addison is already and school and I thought I would feel some type of way about it but I didn't. I figured she needed to be around other children and I needed some space too.

    On Fridays she gets out at noon instead of 2 and we hang out. I think it has been good for us.

  2. Oh my goodness yes. My little one is 18 months old and I find myself trying to do too many things with a toddler in the mix, and getting short with her as a result. Learning to do less in the day and more at night....

  3. Don't feel bad, girl. It happens. I remember when Gabs was that age. I would be trying to do a million things and her being a typical child seemed to tip toe on my nerves. But now she is 9 and is all grown up on me! Sometimes I wish I could get those days back when her and Core were small and always with me. Then I remember Jj is going to be doing all of that for me again really soon lol.

  4. Awww...that was fast! I remember when I started reading your blog she was just turning 2 I think. I guess I need to slow down with Emma because she will be going to school before I know it!

  5. My baby will be 18 this year.. She drives herself to college every day.. I have been having those aha moments a lot lately.. *sigh*

  6. Wayment... why is Tianna headless tho?

    Yes, I have had those moments too. Sometimes you just have to stop and meet them where they are. Being in the moment and enjoying this time is priceless. It's not always easy but it's priceless!


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