Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Catching Up w/ Fall

I am finally getting around to decorating for Fall. Better late than never. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday so I'm glad that I found time to go grab some things before the end of this month. I still have some decorating to do in the kitchen.

All of my Fall decorations from last year have mysteriously gone missing so I'm having to find all new stuff. I snagged this wreath for nine bucks. It's so pretty.

Fall wreath
I really love orange pumpkins but Savannah loves painting them so yesterday we all sat down to paint our pumpkins. She was home from school yesterday so this was a great activity for us. The day before I checked out some pumpkin themed children's books when I picked up the next book in the Junie B. series. If you follow me on instagram then you got to see Little Mike with his pumpkin.
Let's just say he wasn't as excited as his sister. He's a funny little guy.

Once we were done with our story and pumpkins we made sugar shaped like pumpkins. Savannah got to decorate them while her brother took a nap. They came out pretty good. Thanks for all the tips you ladies on the Facebook page gave me. I appreciate it!

Pumpkin cookies
Backing up to the weekend… On Sunday we went out to dinner. Only in Texas can you still wear a tank top at the end of October without getting strange looks. I love this polka dot sheer blouse tank I picked up at Old Navy for four bucks! 
I paired it with some skinny dress pants and strappy embellished shoes. The sun kept giving me a glow and erasing my neck, LOL! 

Between now and next week I need to find a good cat makeup tutorial. Savannah will be dressing up as a cat this year. Little Mike will be wearing a Lion costume that Sav wore when she was his age. I love being able to use the things I'm too emotionally attached to to give away.

We'll most likely be hitting up a party at our local library.

Anything new going on with you?

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