Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Out & About...

I honestly can't believe we are approaching the second weekend in October already. My little family has been so busy keeping up with Savannah's social calendar. Between school, soccer and gymnastics that little girl is living the life.

Luckily, she takes the rest of us along for the ride. Here they are at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens last week. That place was beautiful. It was better than the zoo in my opinion. Simply gorgeous. If you live in this area I highly recommend it for a day out.

And then there is soccer. We are halfway through the soccer season and I am very happy about that. Pretty soon I'll have my Saturday mornings back.

I tried to get an usie of me and my two Mikes but one of them wasn't feeling it…Savannah has taken to soccer pretty well. Depending on her mood she's actually pretty good.

I hope your Fall season has gotten off to a pretty good start. Don't forget to enter the Dr. Smith's giveaway if you haven't already!

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