Sunday, October 5, 2014

Two Tips For New Moms...

I remember when I was pregnant with Savannah people gave me all of these little tidbits of advice.

"Sleep when the baby is sleeping." "It goes by so fast, enjoy it."

To be honest, most of the time I'd hear these things and it would go in one ear and right out of the other.  When I became pregnant with Little Mike I knew exactly which pieces of advice were worth holding on to and which ones I could live without.

Chic Mom Tip #1

Relax and trust your instinct. If you feel that your instinct has fled always call your Mom. (Let's face it she's been right your whole life.) When my Mom isn't free I have a couple really good friends I can call or text in my time of need. Like my Mom, they won't judge me or think I'm ruining my children when they here about what's going on around here.

I still have a hard time with this myself. Especially with Little Mike. Even though it's not easy I find that relaxing helps out so much. Baby not sleeping? It's okay. Baby won't eat veggies? It's going to be alright. A long time ago I learned to not "sweat the small stuff". Which seems like a weird thing to say when you're talking about your kids but really it's all so small and temporary. Eventually they will sleep all night and whatever stage their in that's driving you nuts will soon pass. Before you know it they'll be in preschool and you won't even remember (okay, you might remember) why you got so stressed about the little things. All babies have their "thing" so relax. Enjoy. And for goodness sake please DO sleep when the baby sleeps.

Chic Mom Tip #2

Just like when choosing accessories - less is always more. Be a low maintenance Mama. By low maintenance I mean do not go over board buying every single little cute or interesting baby gadget or parenting book you see. 

I wish I had listened to this advice. Savannah had so much stuff as a baby. I'm still getting rid of baby girl clothes and shoes. I mean she had everything a baby girl could possible want or need. In every color and size. She was very blessed. When Little Mike came along I knew better. During his pregnancy I knew I'd go with a more simple no fuss approach to life with a newborn. I promised myself that I wouldn't over analyze everything.

One of the things that made things much easier this time around was using Dr. Smith's Diaper Rash Spray. Instead of wrestling my very tiny but strong baby at night I just spray his little bottom to prevent diaper rash. It's effective, gentle and easy to use. The same way I like to approach parenting.

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  1. I love your advice. As a three time mommy I must agree with everything you said. With my oldest I tried to do everything by the book and had to be perfect. I bought everything and way too much at the same time. By the third I minimized everything because knew better than to waste money on things. And I really relaxed. I didn't sweat the small stuff and I went with the flow. Life is so much easier now with three lol.

    1. I can imagine. By the third baby you're just embracing everything and not stressing over getting it all right.

  2. Girl half of the things we spent money on I wouldnt the second time around. I do find advice from my aunt has been better than advice from one of my friends...its always a little less judgement.

    1. Yep. The second time around we just know better!

  3. I'm Canadian... Good luck American friends


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