Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Chic Thanksgiving: The Menu

I have been anxiously waiting for this week to come so that I could start my series on Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday. I do love what Christmas is about but because that is often lost with the "fuss" of Christmas, Thanksgiving has hands down become my favorite holiday.

I love the time of togetherness with my family. I love the way Thanksgiving smells and the way the air feels outside. Y'all already know I'm an Autumn girl and Thanksgiving is one of the main reasons why.  It's a great time for reflection and recognition of all of our blessings. It's also a time to enjoy some amazing food guilt free.

During this series I will be sharing four different posts. The first is about a traditional southern Thanksgiving menu. Right after I got married my Mother made me a Thanksgiving cookbook full of all of our family's recipes. It has everything from appetizers to desserts. She even wrote me a beautiful letter about life, love and marriage. I hope to pass the book down to Savannah with a letter for her when she gets married. 

As a young woman it was so helpful to have this menu. At the time, I wasn't the cook I am today. As an Army Wife, not living near family, I needed this book as a guide. It taught me how to pull off a very successful Thanksgiving dinner with no help. I actually get excited about Thanksgiving. It's like the Super Bowl for women who like to cook, it's a big deal. I find that part of my success comes with keeping it simple and traditional. 

So. If you're someone that doesn't live close to family but you still want to have a bomb Thanksgiving... OR you're someone that just needs a plan for how to do Thanksgiving dinner without getting all stressed, this series is for you.

Here is what we're making for Thanksgiving this year. It's very simple but it's PACKED with comforting flavors. You will love this easy to do meal. 

easy thanksgiving menu

Coming Up in this series:
A Chic Thanksgiving: The Shopping List & The Grocery Store
A Chic Thanksgiving: Getting It All Done
A Chic Thanksgiving: Decorating and Hostess Tips


  1. That was awesome that your mom made you a cookbook with all of your family recipes in it. Your Thanksgiving menu sounds yummy. I still need to figure out what I'll be cooking for Thanksgiving.

    1. It's one of my favorite gifts! I'll probably be making smaller versions of everything this year since it'll just be the four of us. Looking forward to it though!

  2. This all sounds good! I'm still not even sure if I will cook this year. I might just visit my peoples this year, and take a break. Can't wait to see what you have coming up!

  3. The cookbook idea sound great. I have been toying with the idea of putting one together for my girls. These past few years I have been in charge of the turkey, so I will definitely be putting that into the cookbook. Then I can pass the torch when the time comes. Love your blog. Huge fan. Come visit me someday (still a work in progress)

  4. How sweet. I wish I had something like that. Thanks for the series because I am hosting Thanksgiving this year. Pray for me. I haven't even planned yet. Messy Teems. LOL


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