Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween 2014

Well, hello there November! Can I just say that I am so excited for these cooler Texas temps. At Savannah's game yesterday everyone was bundled up like it was freezing. It was a beautiful sixty degrees out. I was loving it.

Rewinding all the way to Friday…

We were busy. Sav's class had a Pajama Day party that included musical chairs, a pumpkin decorating contest and cookie decorating. She had a blast. After running some errands we came home to relax before getting dressed for the night time festivities.

We were two black cats. Fun and simple. I found her black tutu brand new on eBay for seven bucks with shipping! Her ears and tail were found at WalMart. I got my ears from Old Navy.

mommy daughter black cats

You can't really tell in the pics but my mini dress has a ruffle tutu like bottom. We wore matching shoes to complete our looks. (hers- H&M, mine- Coach) My husband painted our faces.

I found out about a block party that was happening on our base. We headed there for the festivities. It was the perfect way to spend the evening. After an hour both of them were tired and ready to go to bed.

Little Mike was a lion. He wore Sav's old costume. He was super cute but was not feeling it. This is one of the only happy pics I have of him dressed. Love his cute little face.

Now that October is over I am all about Thanksgiving! Y'all know it's my favorite holiday! I'll be sharing Thanksgiving recipes and tips all throughout the month. 


  1. Halloween was pretty cool around hete. The kids had a great time and stayed up way too late. My son was a ninja turtle. My daughter was Elsa - like every other little girl! LOL! I like your costumes. You all look really cute.

  2. Good job Hubby with the face painting!

    *waits for your full out Thanksgiving meal post*

    1. It took him a couple times to get baby girl's face right. I told him to keep mine simple - 3 whiskers on each side, LOL!

  3. Awe, how sweet! Looks like y'all had fun! I am loving this weather too. It was a nice Halloween.

  4. This is too cute! Mamas looking hot too!


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